May 12

Why Outsourcing CX Operations Is Growing

Studies have revealed that the global outsourcing customer experience market is growing rapidly, with research suggesting that the sector will reach $81.5 billion by 2023. 

The impressive growth behind the outsourcing market indicates that CX organizations are looking to make business process outsourcing (BPO) a significant component of their operations.

To understand this trend, we look at what is pushing organizations to take on this business strategy and what this means for the CX industry.

Why are CX organizations outsourcing operations?

While delivering a high-quality customer experience is critical for ongoing business operations, the pressure to maintain high CX standards comes with certain drawbacks, such as high staff turnover and trouble filling staff gaps. 

By outsourcing operations, organizations can fill the talent gap rather quickly while keeping hiring costs as low as possible. 

This allows them to deliver omnichannel customer service consistently by adapting to major fluctuations in customer service demand without bearing the cost and burden of hiring additional talent. 

Furthermore, working with BPO organizations allows contact centers to benefit from other advantages. For example, working with a specialist frees up resources to experiment with new tools, allowing the organization to expand what they are offering and improve service quality. 

What trends are influencing CX outsourcing

CX outsourcing has become popular in recent years due to several factors that are prompting contact centers to outsource their operations. 

For example, widespread CCaaS adoption has made it much easier to outsource operations to a separate external team. 

With most operations taking place over the cloud, organizations have a much easier time delegating different operations to their external partners because there are far fewer technical problems to overcome.

Furthermore, the steady digitization of operations generates a significant volume of data that, when coupled with advanced analytics, provides a wealth of insight into CX operations.  

CX organizations are looking to make the most out of their insight by turning to experts working within BPO companies. These experts are now in a much better position to analyze the data to reveal useful insights into the customer journey, which is critical for better understanding customer preferences. 

Moreover, most BPO companies are looking to capitalize on this developing trend by offering support as part of their service package. BPO organizations are offering a wide range of advanced services beyond call servicing, such as AR glasses, virtual reality, and mixed reality systems

What does this mean for the future of the CX industry?

In the future, we can expect organizations to outsource most of their CX operations to different BPOs while focusing on a core aspect of their business.

This means that the CX industry is undergoing a radical transformation where critical operations are decentralized and shared amongst different organizations instead of being the responsibility of just one organization.

Therefore, the challenge will no longer be to centralize operations but instead to facilitate collaboration and cooperation with different organizations as they work towards a single goal.

This is where Blackchair’s CX platform and technology could be helpful. The platform comes with a set of unique features that can facilitate collaboration and communication between different organizations working on the same CX vendor ecosystem, such as multi-vendor domain management, continuous configuration tracking, compare/contrast analysis, and templatizing configuration actions to facilitate productivity. 

With the use of comprehensive and versatile CX management platforms, outsourcing operations will prove to be more efficient and cost-effective and help organizations reach greater heights.

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