Why IVR configuration is a necessary step for your CCaaS operation

Interactive voice response systems are a great way to provide a self-service option for the 81% of consumers who expect it. Read on to learn more.

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A definitive guide to CX orchestration and how it can enhance contact center operations

Orchestrating CX is no easy task, but it is a necessary step if you want to get the best results out of your contact center operations. Read on to find out how you can succeed in this endeavor.

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Did you know that the FCR rates of IVR systems are the highest among all contact channels? Yes, it’s time to adapt!

Imagine you’re going about your day as usual—the contact center operations are going smoothly, agents have things under control, and the customers are happy. Suddenly, the contact center gets a whole barrage of calls out of nowhere, disrupting operations.

This is not an unfathomable situation, especially during the holiday months. Now the agents are scrambling to cater to each customer’s every concern. Things are not going well, many customers drop off unsatisfied, and the agents are unhappy—overall, not a good day.

You’ve probably had to deal with similar situations where your contact center's capabilities are simply not sufficient to fully cater to the needs of your customers, especially during times of high call volumes.

This is where IVR saves the day. Automating responses to simpler queries that do not need human intervention allows you to skyrocket your contact center’s efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in a much smoother customer experience.

If you aren’t sold already, here’s why you need IVR configuration in your CCaaS operating environment.

Why IVR configuration is vital for modern CCaaS environments

75% of customers see self-service as a convenient way to resolve service issues. Since IVR revolves around allowing customers to solve their problems efficiently, it’s a great option to integrate into your CCaaS environment for better outcomes.

Certain IVR configurations can collect vital customer data before routing the call to an agent so that they can deliver a better service to the particular customer, while others can simply resolve relatively simple issues without even having to connect to an agent. This significantly improves agent productivity.

Customer expectations for CX are very high in today’s competitive environments. To stand out from the competition and capture your customers’ attention, your CX delivery must be nothing short of stellar. IVR is one of the many building blocks of shoring up your CX delivery for the future.

Since implementing IVR enables you to handle large call volumes effectively, it can also result in increased profitability. Reducing customer call waiting times and preventing the loss of potential sales opportunities also contribute to this outcome.

Modern IVR solutions are also developed with integrations in mind, allowing you to connect them with a variety of other applications like CRMs so that they can ultimately provide a much better service to customers while also making life a lot easier for your agents.

Not only that, businesses spend seven times more to process payments through an agent compared to an IVR system. So, if you are looking for opportunities for cost-cutting, IVRs can be a great way to achieve those goals as well.

Optimize your IVR configuration with auditing and automation capabilities for CCaaS

Most callers have an average impression of current businesses’ IVR systems. This is most likely because a majority of them are looking for more personalized interactions when dealing with IVR.

Regardless of whether you choose to go with traditional IVR systems or a more modern, speech-enabled one, optimizing it to deliver the results you want by aligning it with your CCaaS architecture is a must.

Blackchair Symphony enables CCaaS configuration auditing and automation across systems, including IVR, to facilitate these exact outcomes.

Optimize and simplify CCaaS configuration operations with Blackchair Symphony’s auditing and automation capabilities.


Why is an IVR system important for CCaaS?

A well-implemented IVR system can help you dramatically improve CX delivery by increasing agent productivity, expanding your contact center’s ability to handle increased call volumes, and meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s customers.

How can IVR improve the CX delivery of contact centers?

IVR can enable efficient call routing, self-service options, cost-effectiveness, and 24/7 availability—which all contribute to a better customer experience.

Are IVR systems and voicemail two different things?

A voicemail system records and stores voice messages when agents are unavailable. IVR systems are so much more. They are automated telephony systems that streamline customer calls through routing, segmentation, and integration with other CX systems.

IVR Configuration

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