June 2

What is next in cloud communications?

Cloud communication technology solutions, such as CCaaS, are evolving at a rapid pace, with new features and technologies being integrated into an expanding ecosystem to improve CCaaS operations. This means organizations can accomplish much more with the same CCaaS than ever before. However, this leads us to consider what additional steps CCaaS providers can take to expand their solutions and which areas they will focus on. Having this insight can assist in the development and innovation of CX.

What are the latest developments in cloud communication technology? 

Leading CCaaS vendors are focusing on expanding the meeting and messaging capabilities of these platforms via complementary features, such as automated recording and transcriptions, and a host of other features that enrich video interaction, including summaries, translations, virtual backgrounds, reactions, and user avatars.

Vendors are also looking to innovate on the messaging front, with a focus on making management easier through new features like search and archiving. These features indicate a significant emphasis on workflow optimization and management to simplify the work for agents.

APIs and programming are also proving to be important avenues for innovation and growth. Programmability refers to how flexible a CCaaS is and how well it can accommodate the organization’s requirements and capabilities. This would enable vendors to be more innovative in the future, allowing them to co-innovate with customers, address unique use cases, and integrate communications with workflows, creating a more agile environment for innovation.

This also means that CCaaS vendors can better serve existing customers while also tapping into new customer segments. Some of the features that CCaaS vendors are looking to include are differentiated mobile capabilities, such as calling plan integration with native mobile dialers and business phone numbers, which will empower platform vendors.

The evolving role of cloud communication 

Innovation in CCaaS vendors has always been essential for their growth and expansion. As technology advanced, businesses discovered that they could achieve more with a single solution, thereby enhancing the quality of CX and making CCaaS an attractive value proposition for organizations. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that we are witnessing vendors striving to expand the capabilities of their solutions by incorporating new features and integrating the latest technology into the CX platform. This approach allows them to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

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