March 18

What Is Driving The Shift In The CX Industry?

The CX industry is undergoing a monumental shift as more CX organizations shift away from on-premise systems to cloud-based CX solutions. In this industry update, we dive into what could be driving this development. 

There are numerous reasons why the CX industry is undergoing such a dramatic change within a short timeframe. Here are some of them

Retaining contact center agents is more important than ever before.

With contact center attrition rates at 40% a year, contact centers find themselves working with a shrinking workforce. This prompts several concerns about managing CX agents and meeting business targets. 

CX organizations are responding to this problem by adopting solutions that can streamline and optimize agent lifecycle management and streamline CX operations to complete work faster and within a shorter timeframe. 

Hence, why more CX centers are adopting more CX platforms. These platforms can ramp up productivity while helping agents perform their tasks.  

AI and cloud technology offer more value

Experts believe that over 95% of digital applications will deploy as cloud-native platforms by 2025. 

The cloud is a compelling platform because it offers several features that cannot be found within a CX center, such as better infrastructure in terms of power and efficiency, opening up opportunities for CX centers to improve service quality. 

AI offers several applications that are the core element of CX center strategy and execution. For example, decision intelligence and machine learning provide deeper insight into CX operations, allowing contact centers to better understand what needs to be done.

Organizations are adopting a hybrid working model 

Due to the pandemic, CX organizations have had to adapt new solutions that allow agents to work from home. 

We can’t expect CX centers to return to an office-only model; hence the best option is to adopt a hybrid working model where part of the workforce will be in the office, and the other half will be working from home. 

CX platforms can facilitate this hybrid working model by supporting operations on the cloud, allowing organizations to maintain a solid and productive momentum despite different working environments. 

Adapting to a new CX industry

Due to a combination of exogenous events and technological developments, the CX industry is adapting AI-driven, cloud-based CX software that allows the organization to operate more efficiently and with a great deal more flexibility than before, which is what is driving them to adopt CX centers.

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