Automating CCaaS configuration operations with proven CX solutions

Learn more about how you can use CX configuration automation to establish a more productive, efficient, and transparent CCaaS environment.

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Optimize results from CCaaS operations with the ideal contact center strategy!

Leverage proven automated solutions to guide strategies and operational tactics within the cloud contact center to achieve unparalleled results and maximum ROI from CCaaS operations.

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The CX landscape is constantly evolving, and the state of CX solutions in this day and age reflects these developments.

With CCaaS migration becoming commonplace, reliable CX solutions that streamline the migration process, optimize cloud operations, and improve productivity are becoming highly sought-after.

One of the most important aspects of establishing a productive, efficient, and transparent cloud contact center environment is CCaaS configuration. While this can be quite a complex procedure, configuration automation solutions can simplify it with the array of highly effective tools they offer.

Let’s explore more about what they offer businesses that are keen to optimize their CCaaS operations.

What do these CX solutions have to offer for CCaaS configuration automation?

CCaaS configuration auditing & automation capabilities can enable businesses to make the most out of their contact center operations by making them more productive, efficient and transparent.

Simplify skilling across systems

Use multiple systems (e.g. Five9, Verint, and HR) to coordinate and manage skilling and boost productivity by 2x.

Perform bulk operations

Manage operations and users in bulk without admin access or extensive training and save time for agents and supervisors.

Enhance productivity

Make your CCaaS platform more efficient and valuable by innovating quicker, fixing errors, and delivering faster.

Simplify complex tasks

Save time and money by automating MACD tasks and minimizing errors—improving overall productivity while reducing costs.

Keep track of configuration changes

Automatically record and store all changes in a domain for a set period and make auditing and troubleshooting easier.

Undo unwanted changes

Protect your platform and improve stability by automating the process of rolling back changes that are not authorized.

Monitor critical changes

Use watch lists to identify and prevent/reduce unaligned configuration changes that can affect your service delivery.

Manage multiple domains

Use one platform to administer single/multiple domains—reducing complexity and making admin tasks more straightforward.

Drive CCaaS platform optimization with Blackchair Symphony

Blackchair Symphony enables you to establish a CCaaS operation fit for the future of CX delivery with unmatched CCaaS configuration auditing and automation capabilities.

It offers:

DevOps automation functionality to audit change and automatically rollback unalligned changes, promote configuration and automate bulk or manual tasks.

Options to improve business outcomes, operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of CX projects, so you can provide the best customer experience possible.

A simpler and more powerful interface than your current CCaaS Admin tool that is easier to understand and implement—offering easier management and scalability.

Optimize omnichannel contact center solutions through complete CCaaS configuration auditing & automation capabilities alongside an Operations Portal functionality with Blackchair Symphony.


What is CCaaS configuration automation?

CCaaS configuration automation is the process of using software tools to manage, update, and verify the settings and parameters of your cloud-based contact center platform. It enables you to automate repetitive and complex tasks, such as creating workflows, applying policies, and testing changes.

Why do I need CCaaS configuration automation?

CCaaS configuration automation can help you improve the performance, efficiency, and security of your contact center operations. By automating your configuration management, you can reduce human errors, save time and resources, ensure compliance, and enhance customer experience.

How does CX configuration automation work?

CX configuration automation solutions integrate with your CCaaS platform and offer a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to automate your configuration operations. Some of the features include:

  • Workflow automation and orchestration
  • Policy-based configuration management
  • Continuous configuration verification and validation
  • Configuration change assurance and rollback
  • Configuration analytics and insights

Take the functionality of your contact center to the next level with Blackchair Symphony’s automated CCaaS configuration capabilities

Blackchair Symphony is an industry-leading cloud contact center management solution that facilitates a more productive, efficient, and transparent CCaaS operating environment through its configuration, auditing, and automation capabilities.