Embark on guided CX migrations backed by automation and migration assurance!

Discover how automated solutions can transform the efficiency, ROI, and success achieved throughout your CX migration. Initiate impactful CX migrations with confidence guided by reliable insights—leveraging automation at every stage of the migration.

Embark on guided CX migrations backed by automation and migration assurance!

Discover how automated solutions can transform the efficiency, ROI, and success achieved throughout your CX migration. Initiate impactful CX migrations with confidence guided by reliable insights—leveraging automation at every stage of the migration.

Traversing a complex business landscape shaped by volatile economic conditions, rapidly changing customer preferences, and shifting spending patterns has driven organizations to prioritize delivering impeccable CX in their efforts to maintain and grow their operations and revenues.

When evolving contact center operations to cater to modern CX requirements, organizations soon realized the considerable downsides of relying on legacy and on-premise CX systems and how significantly CX delivery is limited in these platforms.

In response to this situation, many organizations are opting to migrate their legacy contact center operations to fully-fledged CCaaS operations as a measure taken toward adopting to needs of the modern era for CX delivery.

This allows contact centers to leverage the full range of functionalities offered by cloud-based technologies and meet all CX requirements for engagement and satisfaction of the contemporary customer, leading to greater loyalty/retention, increased repeat business, and boosted returns.

How does CX automation enhance the pre-migration stage?

The pre-migration stage sets the foundation for the entire CX migration process and getting vital insights for data-backed decision-making and setting proper direction can determine the level of success in this endeavor.

The following automated CX solutions have the potential to massively accelerate the readiness and success of CX migration at the pre-migration stage.

Automated discovery

The discovery of current configurations that form the existing legacy CX environment is extremely important in understanding which configurations are aligned toward delivering excellence.

Identifying which CX configurations need to be carried forward during the CX migration and deciding on which configurations are unaligned, contributing to the buildup of redundancy in the legacy CX system or junk configurations, is crucial, as they need to be eliminated.

Automated discovery is the best option for this purpose as it is a solution that can optimize speed, accuracy, and resource utilization. In comparison to the slow and error-prone process of manual migration, it is always advisable to leverage tools that use automation.

Automated CX forensics

Upon completion of the discovery stage, automated tools can be used to analyze, audit, and screen the current CX environment to provide reliable insights through meticulous reporting to guide CX strategy.

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What can CX automation do to boost success in CX migration?

Automation can play a pivotal role in carrying out CX migration with perfect alignment to migration objectives and CX goals. Here’s how:

CX migration assurance

End-to-end assurance when migrating to the cloud will ensure that risks are minimized while keeping the timelines on track and allowing a launch free from defects. Automation ensures accuracy by eliminating human error, speed in detecting and migrating aligned configurations to the cloud, and monitoring to ensure that the project is delivered on time.

Automated rollback of specifications that are erroneous

Automated rollback of configurations allows contact centers to effortlessly reverse specifications that cause errors and misalignments in specifications. While saving time in the progression and increasing the productivity of the CX migration, automated rollback allows all configurations to be perfectly aligned toward optimal performance in CCaaS operations.

How does CX automation optimize contact centers at the post-migration stage?

Automated configuration and DevOps management can help CCaaS operations grow rapidly and evolve effortlessly in any way to adapt to all changing requirements of the organization or its customers.

These automated solutions can ensure that contact center operations are managed optimally at the post-migration stage and beyond to ensure long-lasting and consistent CX delivery for continued success, carrying forward the momentum after the initiation.

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How can Blackchair’s Clarity automated discovery services assist in perfecting strategies for the migration of my legacy contact center to CCaaS?

Clarity automated discovery service by Blackchair scans your CX environment automatically to identify misaligned and junk configurations. It also assists organizations in eliminating the redundancy built into any legacy contact system to streamline the contact center operations and increasing readiness for implementing broad strategic measures to elevate CX delivery via CX migration, simplifying the laying out of a clear roadmap for CCaaS migration based on the requirements and nature of the operation.

Do Blackchair solutions incorporate CX automation tools compatible with a wide range of contact center platforms?

Yes, Symphony and Clarity solutions by Blackchair can integrate with any contact center environment based on all leading platforms offered globally by vendors such as Genesys, Five9, and more.

Can Blackchair’s Clarity automated discovery service be tailored to match the exact specifications of my CX environment?

Yes, as with all Blackchair solutions — Clarity provides results and insights that are customized and personalized based on the operations within your CX environment to ensure that ideal strategic measures can be identified to drive maximum results from your CX operation.

Can Blackchair Symphony scale with my expanding CX management operations?

Yes, Symphony can be scaled up to accommodate your growing CX management operations while also seamlessly incorporating any changes and expansions in your platforms for CX management.