December 20

Top CX trends to be aware of in 2024

The CX landscape is constantly changing and evolving with new technologies, customer preferences, and economic changes.

CCaaS migration, omnichannel contact centers, click-to-call and click-to-chat functionalities, workforce engagement management, and agent-assist applications are some of the more important CX trends to keep track of in 2024.

Let’s explore these trends a bit more in-depth.

Omnichannel contact centers

Omnichannel is less of a new trend and more of an evergreen consideration in CX. Delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience across all touchpoints and platforms is essential in today’s business environment—especially with customer expectations being so high.

Cloud migration

CCaaS migration has seen an astronomical increase in usage lately. This is due to two main reasons—businesses understanding the true power of the cloud and understanding how to utilize it, and providers of contact center platforms shifting their focus from offering on-premise solutions to solely providing cloud-based solutions.

Click-to-call and click-to-chat functionality

There can be no omnichannel contact centers without click-to-call and click-to-chat functionalities. Integrating these functions across your websites, emails, and marketing materials is essential to allow your customers to reach agents quickly and get their matters resolved.

Channel deflection

Channel deflection is a powerful tool to ensure that both your customers’ and agents’ time is not wasted on low-value activities. It allows you to redirect incoming calls toward digital or self-service channels as opposed to direct agent interactions—increasing efficiency.

Proactive customer service

This involves predicting and addressing customer needs before they arise, ultimately creating a more streamlined customer experience that delivers satisfaction through the contact center. This also includes hyper-personalization, integration with support channels, and automation.

Agent assist applications

Agent assist applications are becoming more popular within contact centers, mainly incorporating comprehensive workforce analytics, equitable scheduling, integration with contact center tools, and remote workforce management. This improves workforce management practices.

Business continuity

There are multiple aspects to establishing business continuity in contact centers. The most notable of these are remote work and flexibility, unified CX management with CCaaS, automation, data-driven insights and organizational analytics as well as learning and development.

Keep track of CX trends to ensure optimal contact center operations

These trends are sure to make waves in contact center operations for years to come, and keeping track of and incorporating them into your contact center operations is sure to deliver optimal results in and beyond 2024.

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