January 20

The key to embracing CX transformation

Last year, the CX industry made a strategic pivot to cloud-based, omnichannel solutions due to the pandemic.

Now, the CX industry is rapidly transforming to the point where: 

– Omnichannel customer engagement is becoming more important 

– CCaaS is becoming an AI hub for improving CX 

– Enterprises with an on-premise infrastructure risk being left behind 

To that end, several CX organizations are determining the best way to make the transition to ensure that it is as efficient as possible, while minimizing technical risks.

How CX centers are making the transition

To adjust to new industry norms, enterprises have to make significant changes to their CX infrastructure. 

Flexibility is key 

Flexibility will be key for making this transition because the path forward for CX centers will be far more trial-and-error and piecemeal. 

This is because AI and CCaaS are likely to transform CX center applications, customer behaviors, and preferences, and CX personnel need to be gradual about the change to capture as many benefits of these systems as possible.  

Research and planning is essential

CX centers are also making the transition as smooth as possible by gathering as much information and insight as possible to better understand what tools and innovations are best suited to accomplish an organization’s goals and objectives.  

Making a gradual transformation

Most CX organizations are still establishing the optimal path to automated, omnichannel engagement by determining the specific parameters that work best for them in a post-pandemic environment. 

CX teams are also making the transition by identifying areas where they are struggling, finding the right software, and deploying it in a manner that guarantees results. 

Having a degree of flexibility within CX operations allows organizations to transform their operations in a way that best suits their business model, allowing for an efficient, if not gradual, transformation of CX operations.

Adapting new CX models 

Every CX center has its unique model for deploying CX and most find themselves having to adjust their model to meet these new challenges. 

The pandemic forced many CX organizations to adapt overnight to new working conditions. 

While we initially believed that most centers would adapt a remote working model, studies show that this is not as clear-cut as it should be, because most CX organizations are still fine-tuning their operations to adjust to a post-COVID-19-workplace and make their transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

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