December 1

The key factors driving CCaaS adoption

A study revealed that more and more US enterprises are adapting contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) solutions. 

According to the report, most companies are making the shift because the functionalities of the CCaaS solution are more suitable to the needs of CX centers as they look to improve customer service while mitigating CX costs.

What can CX centers do with CCaaS technology?

CCaaS solutions can augment the technical capacity of the CX ecosystem to drive significant improvements in customer experience standards while reducing costs at the same time.

These CCaaS solutions deliver their features with advanced technologies that can adapt to current work settings; an attractive proposition for centers looking for solutions that can integrate effortlessly into their existing CX ecosystem.   

Moreover, CCaaS solutions can work for both hybrid and remote work settings, which is a boon for most CX centers where employees work from home. 

These solutions can support several communication channels, including social media, video, messaging apps, and voice chat—allowing for seamless customer experience between different channels. 

Cloud contact center solutions also offer analytics and single-screen management functionalities, allowing CX agents to deliver highly personalized services even while working from home. 

In addition to improving customer experiences, the solutions improve workforce management capabilities, which allow supervisors to monitor team performance while working remotely. 

CCaaS comes with several features including automated coaching, sentiment scoring, and analytics for performance improvement. 

Certain solutions offer gamification that provides performance comparisons and customized avatars, which improve employee engagement when working in remote settings.

By investing in these solutions, CX centers can reap the benefits of advanced CX technology without taking on significant risks.

Complimenting your CCaaS investment with CX management platforms

CCaaS solutions are driving the industry in a new direction because of their expansive technical capabilities. 

While CCaaS provides extensive value to CX centers, however, they also come with technical challenges. For example, agents have already raised concerns about connectivity problems and security issues. 
As such, the true measure of CX quality will be determined by how well a CX center can resolve the challenges of a CCaaS solution, preferably with a CX configuration management platform that can help resolve technical issues and facilitate delivery.

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