November 25

The CX industry is heading in a new direction

A study revealed that over 76% of professionals consider digital transformation to be a top priority for the contact centers they were working for. 

The survey also revealed that over 75% of enterprises are expanding their digital capabilities, while another 73% of respondents said that digital platforms were an integral part of their strategy in the next few years.

This is a remarkable shift. Just a few years ago, contact centers did not consider digital transformation a core priority. 

The need to boost CX and expand its capabilities has pushed the limits of digital CX infrastructure. This has altered the priorities of CX centers, which has, in turn, accelerated the digital trajectory of the industry. 

CX centers are looking to provide personalized, omnichannel experiences and are updating their ecosystems to reach this goal.

What is a digital CX ecosystem, and why does it matter? 

A digital CX ecosystem consists of several CX technologies operating on a single platform. 

This expanding ecosystem can perform several functions such as monitoring customer activity, communicating with customers across different mediums, and orchestrating complex functions. 

Technologies such as customer data platforms, customer journey analytics, and customer journey orchestration combine to provide intelligent and personalized omnichannel customer interactions that ensure that customers get the help they need, when they need it. 

At the same time, the ecosystem leverages a variety of data points to assess customer experience, understand their pain points, and improve CX service. 

With contact centers building a digital CX ecosystem, business strategy and technological acquisitions may be affected. 

CX centers also often have to work with multiple vendors to create the ecosystem they want. This is because no single vendor offers a complete solution that can perform all these functions, which makes building a flexible, multifunctional ecosystem a challenge. 

Working with multiple vendors also presents a technical challenge over time because not all vendors will be readily compatible with each other. 

Creating a digital ecosystem for the future

Given that success is predicated on building and expanding digital ecosystems, overcoming the issues that may arise along the way is a priority. 
Blackchair can help you build the digital ecosystem you are looking for; our multi-vendor CX management system is built to help you integrate multiple vendors into one CX ecosystem.

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