December 15

A positive employee experience can improve CX

Over the years, CX centers have not given much thought to the employee experience, focusing instead on improving CX. Some new findings, however, may prompt CX centers to rethink their approach.

Several surveys conducted by prominent firms, such as Gallup and Aberdeen Group, have found that high EX can directly affect factors such as customer retention and customer turnover.

The findings imply that EX and CX are not opposing elements, but in fact, complementary to each other.

What is the connection between EX and CX? 

EX plays an integral role in a customer’s experience because employee engagement and productivity will inevitably affect CX service quality.

For example, if CX engineers have to troubleshoot a problem in the CX system but are using manual methods, it can take them a long time to diagnose the problem, which prolongs system downtime.  This will hurt the customer’s experience because they will not get the swift service they need. A slow, inefficient environment can also leave staff tired and unfocused—hurting productivity further. 

When CX engineers work with an automated platform to optimize troubleshooting, on the other hand, it reduces system downtime. Customers benefit from a more secure, steady CX environment; while employees benefit from better engagement and morale, which leads to higher productivity.

These system improvements also make the center a better place to work, making it easier to attract and retain top talent. 

Given the importance of EX, CX centers need to ensure they are providing staff with the best support tools available. This is where a CX management platform comes in handy.

Creating the optimal EX with a CX management platform

Blackchair aims to provide an efficient backend where your employees can thrive. 

Whether it is a single CX platform or a multi-vendor environment, our management platform can automate several operations to raise productivity and reduce the strain on your CX resources—improving engagement and productivity. 

The platform also offers a range of features that aid CX management, like real-time configuration, to optimize management and create a more transparent, efficient environment where your employees can deliver high-quality work. 

Investing in EX through the right CX management platform can reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

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