October 14

The best way to incorporate omnichannel CX

Omnichannel CX is a holistic strategy that considers how customers interact with the company across all channels, bringing uniformity and contextualization to multi-channel communication. 

While we have talked about the importance of CX in the past, recent surveys are showing that they are becoming a near necessity in CX, as opposed to a nice-to-have option. 

A Mitto research survey revealed that 64% of marketers and 58% of customer support professionals say that consumers now expect more from their brands when it comes to customer communication. 

The survey also reveals that an omnichannel strategy is more than three times as likely to improve CX quality and four times more likely to drive loyalty than single-channel or less integrated counterparts.  

Given the facts and growing pressure to improve CX standards, organizations must invest in omnichannel systems. 

Incorporating omnichannel CX into your process

Integrating omnichannel CX is a complex, time-consuming process. However, it’s possible to speed up the process and move it along by focusing on the following areas. 

Understand the customer journey pain points

To know the customer’s pain points, you need to understand customer preferences, which requires you to assess conversational records, technical barriers, and the channel to the digital native.

With customer data as a lynchpin, you can construct a sophisticated customer journey maps that highlights their journey through the network and the pain points they encounter along the way. Having this insight will allow you to isolate issues and design optimal omnichannel interactions.

Find stakeholders and form a cross-functional CX team 

Incorporating an omnichannel strategy requires buy-in from different stakeholders in the company. Whether they’re C-suite executives or managers, people across the board must be comfortable with the solution to launch it. 

Therefore, you need to gain stakeholder support and make it a critical first step when making the transition because it would make the entire process smoother. 

Embracing omnichannel CX to improve service

Omnichannel CX service is quickly becoming the norm in CX standards. 

It provides customers with a consistent, cohesive customer experience regardless of the channel they’re starting with. 

Investing in an omnichannel solution can empower a company’s target audience and provide them with greater flexibility in interactions, which is critical for improving CX standards.

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