December 17

Maximizing value during the post-CX migration period

The need to accommodate hybrid working environments and achieve new objectives in productivity has seen several CX centers move to the cloud, completing the shift in months, or in some cases, days to gain value as soon as possible.

While this is a positive development, it also comes with expectations that could disrupt gains unless these concerns are addressed.

CX centers want to realize the benefits of their migration process in as tight a schedule as possible, meaning that the post-migration or Day-2 operations will be a critical factor in continued client satisfaction. 

To stand out in a competitive market, and provide a value proposition that resonates with your customers, you need to explain how CX agents can maximize value and realize the benefits of a cloud-based solution as quickly as possible. 

The tools needed to maximize post-migration value 

AI is critical for maximizing value because it helps optimize several processes and reduce operating costs. 

Most significantly, it is an easy, affordable way to improve the metrics that measure CX center performance by optimizing routing, agent assistance, and sentiment analysis, which is critical for maximizing value. 

Certain needs may not be met within CCaaS. Vertical market needs, unique features, and regulations may require CX centers to integrate specialized, third-party applications into their ecosystem. You can improve value by ensuring that your CX application can integrate third-party solutions. 

Research shows a close connection between productivity and third-party solutions, as is demonstrated by the rapid rise in FCR, intelligent analytics, and customer satisfaction. 

The secret to maximizing value in your CCaaS

With several CX centers migrating to the cloud, your approach to post-migration or Day-2 operations could be the critical factor that wins over your potential clients. 

Demonstrating how CX centers could realize value much faster and optimize Day-2 operations compared to other solutions could become the unique value proposition that makes you stand out from your competition. 

You can augment your offerings and make your CX solution a more tempting proposition to CX centers with our Blackchair Symphony solution.
Blackchair optimizes platform lifecycle management and covers different stages, including post-CX migration, to make your CX environment more efficient and accessible and help your clients realize the benefits of migration sooner and maximize value.

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