December 16

Ushering in the era of sustainable CX realized through the green contact center

Businesses have the potential to cut back on 60% of the global carbon emissions and play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere each year.

Hence, Identifying ways to reach carbon neutrality is a timely endeavor that most organizations across the globe are currently undertaking.

In a backdrop where governments around the world have opted for a paradigm shift in policy towards enabling a greener future, businesses are under increasing pressure to comply with stricter standards to reduce their carbon footprint.

Conveniently, moving towards integrating green contact centers provides businesses with a promising and highly impactful avenue to achieve sustainability objectives spearheaded by sustainable CX.

What is a green contact center, and how does it deliver sustainable CX?

Contemporary contact centers are no longer reliant on extensive hardware and expensive infrastructure to function. Instead, the essential components of a green contact center are a stable internet connection, cloud-based software, and a few essential devices.

Due to the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, 82% of contact centers in the UK are now operating remotely. The traditional brick-and-mortar call center consisting of rows upon rows of contact center agents surrounded by communications equipment is soon becoming a thing of the past.

Operating in shifts and usually located within out-of-town business parks meant that staff commuted individually as convenient public transportation links were often absent, resulting in high levels of carbon emissions. In fact, excluding the environmental costs incurred due to the power, heating, or cooling of the premises, contact center staff in the UK generate 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 annually due to their commutes.

But as green contact centers rely on remote working practices, they can deliver sustainable CX as it allows organizations and employees to significantly cut back on these carbon emissions while maintaining the same level of functionality and service.

Cloud-based technology: The linchpin holding green contact centers together

Cloud-based technologies serve as the backbone of green contact centers by becoming the data center of the operation, allowing contact center agents to connect to the system and perform their tasks remotely.

Aided by video-conferencing platforms and existing ERP systems, management teams can also connect to the cloud to monitor and update the performance of teams, hold virtual meetings and track progress on specific tasks.

Therefore, moving towards integrating cloud-based technologies that allow for sustainable CX operations is clearly the initial step in the roadmap toward green contact centers.

Implementing cloud-based technology does not require a heavy investment and might be the most cost-effective approach to improving CX productivity while profoundly reducing costs and your carbon footprint.

When you are ready to take the next step towards setting up a green contact center, delve into pre-migration forensics to know how to best move your existing CX systems to the cloud.

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