September 29

How to unleash the digital transformation of CX in your business

Digital transformation has been sweeping across many aspects of business operations at a global scale and the CX industry is no exception.

Organizations have been eagerly embracing digitalization as a new way forward to gain a competitive advantage and foster a higher degree of loyalty amid intensifying competition within many markets across the globe.

With its skyrocketing popularity, it is vital that businesses follow a proven set of strategies and steps to ensure a holistic digital transformation that aligns well with their current and future needs.

Read on to find out what key steps lead to ensuring a successful digital transformation of CX within any organization.

Proven steps to underpin a successful digital transformation plan

Digital transformation of CX can involve a myriad of process, system, and workflow changes within the organization and requires the collaboration of all customer-facing functions and staff.

Here are the proven steps to unleashing a digital transformation for long-lasting success:

  1. Clearly understand the customer by crafting user personas

Understanding the target audience as well as their specific needs and preferences are crucial to the success of any CX initiative. This will set a solid foundation to begin digitally transforming CX delivery of businesses.

CX delivery at present needs to be specific and highly personalized to meet the expectations of the modern customer. Therefore, crafting data-driven customer personas/ user personas provides organizations with vital insights into the most critical touch points along the customer journey that need to be enhanced.

These personas combined with the information available through past interactions will provide an overview of customer pain points, buying patterns, and motivations. Moreover, this helps businesses lay out their complete customer journey map to generate insights on how personas move along digital experiences. 

Studying this further can help businesses fine-tune their CX strategy and better align their offerings to meet customer needs.

  1. Build an omnichannel strategy for elevating CX delivery

Customer journeys at present involve multiple touch-points and it is important to ensure businesses accommodate and connect uniformly through the various channels that today’s customer uses to interact with brands. 

Omnichannel capabilities allow businesses to easily break down the silos that exist between channels, it also links multiple channels such as web chat and social media chats to ensure a free flow of information between CX systems and across the entire environment.

  1. Utilize data and reliable insights in guiding the digital transformation

CX forensics and the insights it generates can be vital to fully understand the current legacy CX environment, making it easier to lay out a well-aligned plan to herald a digital transformation that is in line with the organization’s contact center operations.

Moreover, automated tools for the discovery of legacy CX configurations can help organizations understand the level of alignment of their current CX environment toward supporting or hindering digital CX transformation efforts.

The gathering of accurate data and powerful analytic capabilities of these tools can be leveraged in setting the ideal objectives and goals for digital transformation.

  1. Invest in CX migration to CCaaS to revolutionize CX digitalization

CCaaS presents the latest evolution of the contact center and is the ultimate CX delivery platform that enables a truly end-to-end digitized CX delivery.

Migrating to a CCaaS operation is a highly worthwhile investment that offers organizations the opportunity to establish a fully digitalized CX environment while also providing a high return on investment from multiple aspects including workflow efficiency, customer satisfaction, engagement levels from digitalized Cx delivery and so much more.

Explore avenues to unleash digital transformation through automation 

Digital transformation of CX will require an enormous commitment on the organization’s part to train agents, collect pertinent data, and formulate accurate plans. 

Leveraging automated solutions for data-gathering through CX forensics, automating CCaaS configuration management, and utilizing automated discovery to save time, money and effort provide a promising path to a swift and successful digital CX transformation.

They can also allow organizations to better focus on the entire customer journey, following a holistic approach to digitizing CX so that organizations can build powerful and long-term relationships with customers that support maximum retention while minimizing churn.

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