October 31

Role of CX process consolidation in transforming contact center service delivery

At present, contact centers are not simply cost centers. They have the potential to drive significant value into the business.

More and more businesses are recognizing this capability as a result of the shifting expectations of contemporary customers toward more personalized and immersive experiences. One of the most effective ways of facilitating this need is by breaking down silos and consolidating operations.

The pros of collaboration between teams

Collaboration is key to breaking down silos within contact center operations and establishing a more effective workflow that delivers on the need for more personalization.

Effective data sharing between teams plays a considerable role in improving customer service and transforming the process into a significant revenue generator. However, agents are still lacking access to relevant customer data to provide an exceptional customer experience. In fact, only 22% of businesses have been recognized to be sharing data within their own teams well.

In addition, providing exceptional customer service also requires streamlined collaboration between teams like customer service, sales, and marketing. Breaking down the silos between these teams and sharing roles and responsibilities paves the way for increased efficiency and revenue, along with a much better customer experience.

The shift in mindset about contact centers

The consideration of business leaders for contact centers to be revenue drivers is steadily rising and is at around 40%. However, over 33% of them also still consider it a cost center.

However, almost 80% of them also have a strong desire for them to be converted into efficient revenue generators.

In achieving this goal, many businesses are now engaging in a wide range of initiatives to train their agents to better identify sales opportunities, ensure access to key customer data, and develop streamlined workflows for revenue generation.

The role of technology in contact center transformation

The need to provide a unified customer experience across channels and the expectation for all teams to be responsible for excellent customer service has resulted in more and more companies taking steps to consolidate their contact center operations.

CCaaS plays an important role in this instance, helping businesses eliminate silos and establish streamlined CX processes by digitalizing operations across the board.
In the shift to cloud-based contact centers, CX management platforms can be utilized to significantly simplify pre-migration, migration, and post-migration workflows for a smooth transition.

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