January 27

Deliver uninterrupted CX by making contact centers recession-proof

The current state of the economy can be compared to a “gathering storm” with unknowns and unpredictability.

As many businesses are bracing themselves for a potential recession, the state of the business climate is anything but certain. With the unknowns that come with a recession, it is important for companies to prepare and plan for the worst to ensure their survival and even potential growth. 

One of the key ways to do this is by making sure that the customer experience (CX) delivered remains uninterrupted, even in tough economic times. In this industry update, we will discuss how businesses can make their contact centers recession-proof by utilizing automated testing.

Proper planning should be a priority

As the military planner’s adage states, “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. The same can be said for a recession—it is impossible to accurately predict how bad it will get or what it will look like when we get to the other side. 

However, companies that prepare today with unflinching attention for the worst will survive and even thrive. Eisenhower once said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” 

This statement is particularly relevant when it comes to making sure that CX delivery through contact centers remains uninterrupted during a recession. Workable solutions must be evaluated in preparation for the worst to come.

Testing too can reveal vulnerabilities beforehand that contact centers can tend to and eliminate before weathering the tough economic conditions.

Automated testing as a solution

Automated testing is an efficient and cost-effective way to keep contact center projects on track, avoid costly rollbacks, and ensure that the customer journey is not compromised.

Automated testing simulates multiple interactions in a fraction of the time it takes with manual testing and stress tests every part of the customer journey. 

This can be deployed during development or when introducing new infrastructure or software.

Reasons to consider automated testing

Using automated testing can lead to cost savings, especially when budgets are under pressure. 

It also helps to ensure that issues are identified and addressed in pre-production, avoiding project completion delays that can escalate costs and threaten future project plans. 

In fact, according to the Customer Experience Foundation, insufficient or no testing increases delays and costs by as much as 79% of all projects. By using automated testing, businesses can ensure that their contact center isn’t part of that group.

Start preparations by booking a demo for automated testing with a specialist provider

A recession can be a difficult and uncertain time for businesses, but by planning and preparing, companies can increase their chances of coming out ahead. 

The best way to evaluate a solution is by booking a demo with a reputed provider who can provide complete visibility into CX operations

Utilizing automated testing in the contact center can help ensure that issues are identified and addressed in pre-production, avoid project completion delays, and ultimately lead to cost savings. 

By planning for the worst, businesses can thrive in any economic climate.

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