July 25

Quick checklist for optimizing CX delivery for memorable engagement

The levels of customer retention, loyalty, and the frequency and volume of repeat business are critical factors that are dictating the success of many organizations in the current business climate characterized by fierce competition.

The formula for surviving the momentous challenges posed to business success is quite simple—engaged customers become satisfied customers, resulting in the cultivation of brand loyalty which in turn leads to higher rates of customer retention, increased frequency, and greater volumes of repeat business.

Therefore, the keys to thriving in the modern business environment and creating a sustainable competitive edge are the delivery of memorable customer engagement and the provision of unrivaled CX.

Read on to explore the primary steps for priming CX delivery for achieving memorable customer engagement with every interaction to maximize the performance of your CCaaS operation.

  1. Map customer journeys accurately for vital customer insights

Organizations need to build a thorough understanding of their customers in order to deliver memorable engagement as they have specific and unique needs, preferences, and expectations. 

Leveraging the advanced analytics offered by CCaaS platforms to their full potential can enable the accurate mapping of customer journeys while unlocking insights that organizations can use to better tailor their CX delivery to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Vital insights into the various touch points used by customers and key metrics such as average length of interaction and average time on hold allow organizations to understand customer intentions by studying the way they interact with the brand, for detailed mapping of customer journeys.

Integrating data derived from customer surveys, polls and records stored in CRM systems with contact centers will also allow businesses to build a holistic and detailed view of the customers they serve. Sentiment analysis can be another powerful tool that assists in the analysis of interactions.

  1. Tear down data silos and embrace uniformity in CX delivery

Legacy contact centers are plagued by data silos that inhibit the provision of unified customer engagement and experience across different channels. However, CCaaS operations have a far greater potential to deliver unified CX across all channels and in every interaction.

Today’s customer has access to a wide array of channels to interact with a brand, ranging from a simple message on social media apps to video calls. Organizations can improve the quality of interactions by monitoring what channels customers prefer to use and building uniformity among them.

Hence, building omnichannel capabilities into your CcaaS operation is a key priority that should not go neglected when aiming to consistently deliver memorable customer engagement.

  1. Utilize automation to empower agents and augment performance

Integrating automated tools that agents can easily utilize in accelerating their workflows, retrieving information pertinent to ongoing interactions, and delivering personalized CX can play a significant role in providing memorable customer engagement while also boosting employee experience.

Automation can also ensure that repetitive tasks can be seamlessly completed with minimum agent involvement, freeing up agents to focus more heavily on higher value-adding tasks that contribute to more impactful CX delivery.

These solutions can also aid in monitoring performance as both agents and supervisors can leverage real-time insights that can guide swift action and informed decision-making to ensure there are no lapses in the quality of Cx delivered.

Unleash the full potential of CCaaS operations by leveraging proven solutions that build synchronization to optimize CX environments

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