September 8

Optimizing call volume and CX with innovative technology

Technology continues to make waves in the CX industry with AI and predictive capabilities, with tech providers looking to build their own market share by investing in platforms and tools that can help optimize call volume to help improve the CX experience for agents and customers. 

While AI and predictive capabilities will make a substantial impact on CX operations, tech providers are also focusing on different tools and platforms to help optimize traffic. In this industry update, we will break down the key technologies that will be adopted by CCaaS users in the future.

CX technologies we can expect to spread the industry 

Automation helps with knowledge management

Automation is quickly becoming an integral component of knowledge management, so CX agents no longer have to spend as much time searching for answers to complex queries. AI will be used to scan knowledge articles for relevance for each conversation. 

This would help CX agents spend less time searching for answers to complex queries, which would improve FCR rates and overall response rates. However, CX agents do not have to forgo manual searches if they do not want to. 

Routing and communication technology will be refined

Internal communication between agents and other stakeholders will get much better over time because of callback and voice management technology. This would allow agents to streamline their own communication process with other key stakeholders.

For example, agents can contact experts directly from their desktops and connect agents to subject matter experts. Furthermore, voice channel options can give the system new options to route calls to the longest idle agent and connect customers directly to team members they have spoken with before. 

This would help organisations better manage traffic flow while making sure each other

Technology will improve the CX experience

As call volumes increase, CX will become a tech-driven process because agents will need the assistance of automated technology to further optimize CX traffic management. Hence, investing in CX technology would help augment the already impressive offerings of CCaaS solutions to help optimize the solution for further insights. 

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