June 23

How to optimize CX platforms to make your agents happy

Agents are the most valuable assets in the CX industry as their integral to providing customers with high-quality CX. As the old saying goes, happy employees equal happy customers. 

But, how can you make sure your CX agents remain happy, motivated, and are supported by their CX platform thus allowing them to improve the quality of customer interactions and enhance the reputation of your organization?

A key to achieving these multifaceted goals is optimizing the CX platform that underpins your CX activities. While CX platforms are mostly perceived as tools for enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, they are crucial to improving agent productivity, performance, and well-being.

Therefore, in this post, let’s explore how you can enhance the experience of your agents by optimizing your CX platform.

Facilitate omnichannel CX 

Modern customers expect businesses to be reachable in the channels they prefer, be it calls, web chat, mobile messaging, or social media. Legacy CX solutions most often lack the features and capabilities to allow agents to interact with customers across all these channels, which increases the load on some channels, increasing the burden on CX agents.

But by migrating to modern CCaaS CX platforms that facilitate hybrid CX, you can enable agents to leverage multiple channels and provide a better experience. However, the migration should be backed by insights generated from automated CX forensics to ensure that only the relevant and most important data gets transferred to the new platform.

Enable self-service options

One of the most pressing issues in the CX industry is agent workload. Most often, agents are overburdened with a high number of calls due to a lack of self-service options for the customer. Optimizing your existing platform or moving to a new CX platform that integrates self-service options can greatly reduce the pressure on agents, which will lead to less stress and more motivation, in turn, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty through the delivery of high-quality CX.

Provide real-time feedback

Regardless of the industry, providing feedback to employees is key to improving employee morale, motivation, and performance, and this holds for the CX industry in particular. 

While providing feedback may have been a manual process in the past due to the limitation of legacy CX platforms, modern CCAS solutions often offer real-time feedback powered by powerful analytics algorithms that leverage a range of techniques including sentiment analysis and speech analysis.

You can leverage these insights to provide your agents with real-time feedback and praise via dashboards, alerts, or messages.

Agents underpin CX excellence and success—hence, improving agent satisfaction should be a key priority

Due to being a high-touch industry, the CX sector is heavily dependent on the service delivered by CX agents. And for these agents to stay motivated and encouraged, they need to be supported by tools and platforms that make the job easier for them. This is where CX optimization comes into play.

By optimizing CX platforms, you can enhance your productivity, employee engagement, and ultimately, profitability.

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