Optimizing the usage of contact center technologies with Symphony

Learn how to optimize your contact center with the configuration capabilities offered by Symphony.

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Optimizing the usage of contact center technologies with Symphony

Learn how to optimize your contact center with the configuration capabilities offered by Symphony.

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Gone are the days of siloed support based on individual channels, today’s customers demand a seamless experience across all touchpoints of a business. Contact centers, especially CCaaS, juggle voice calls, emails, live chats, social media interactions, and more. This is true for 75% of contact centers.

Popular contact center technologies for CCaaS include call queuing, ACD, IVR, chatbots, CRM integrations, and omnichannel communication technologies. The implementation of these technologies is simplified with their cloud capabilities, especially with 66% of contact centers using cloud-based solutions to enhance scalability and remote work capabilities.

The use of these technologies is on the rise as well; for example, 65% of contact centers have already implemented chatbots for basic customer service functions.

However, with the increasing use of technologies for contact center operations also comes the need to optimize them. This is necessary to get the most out of the investment that businesses make for these enhancements.

This is where Symphony from Blackchair comes in. Symphony’s automated CCaaS management capabilities allow you to fine-tune the technology usage of your cloud contact centers—facilitating optimized and synchronized operations for elevated CX delivery.

Let’s take a look at how Symphony enables this.

How Symphony can be used to optimize contact center technologies

Blackchair Symphony leverages class-leading automated solutions to synergize CCaaS operations across all systems within your contact center. It acts as a central hub, allowing you to manage and configure all aspects of your CCaaS platform, including contact center technologies, through a single, intuitive interface. Here’s how it helps:

Simplify skilling across systems

Use multiple systems (e.g. Five9, Verint, and HR) to coordinate and manage skilling and boost productivity by 2x.

Perform bulk operations

Manage operations and users in bulk without admin access or extensive training, and save time for agents and supervisors.

Enhance productivity

Make your CCaaS platform more efficient and valuable by innovating quicker, fixing errors, and delivering faster.

Simplify complex tasks

Save time and money by automating MACD tasks and minimizing errors—improving overall productivity while reducing costs.

Keep track of configuration changes

Automatically record and store all changes in a domain for a set period and make auditing and troubleshooting easier.

Undo unwanted changes

Protect your platform and improve stability by automating the process of rolling back changes that are not authorized.

Monitor critical changes

Use watch lists to identify and prevent/reduce unaligned configuration changes that can affect your service delivery.

Manage multiple domains

Use one platform to administer single/multiple domains—reducing complexity and making admin tasks more straightforward.

Build custom templates

Create your own custom automation templates to neatly address specific functional needs and speed up deployments.

By optimizing overall CCaaS operations and establishing a more productive, efficient, and transparent CCaaS operating environment with Symphony, you will be able to see much better results in your CX function.

Enhance CX delivery with a CCaaS environment optimized with Symphony

Symphony is your gateway to a CCaaS operating environment that delivers results beyond your expectations. With this solution, our clients have seen massive improvements, like a 500% productivity boost, 70% reduced time-to-value, and 917% faster rollback of changes.

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Optimize omnichannel contact center solutions through complete CCaaS configuration auditing & automation capabilities facilitated by Symphony.


What are the technologies used in contact centers?

Contact centers use a variety of technologies, from ACD and IVR to chatbots and CRM integrations. All of them, in some way or another, contribute to better CX delivery through optimized CCaaS operations.

Why is technology important in a contact center?

Contact center technologies help streamline operations, provide better insights, and empower agents to offer more personalized, efficient, and effective customer experiences.

What are the 6 components of a contact center?

The 6 components are:

  • Location, building, and facilities
  • Customer
  • Technology
  • Process
  • People
  • Finance and business management
automated call distribution

Optimize your contact center technology with Blackchair Symphony

Blackchair Symphony is an industry-leading automated cloud contact center management solution that facilitates a more productive, efficient, and transparent CCaaS operating environment through its configuration, auditing, and automation capabilities.