Optimize and simplify CCaaS configuration operations with Blackchair Symphony

Leverage Blackchair to execute critical CCaaS configuration and management operations to create a more productive, efficient, and transparent cloud CX environment.

Optimize and simplify CCaaS configuration operations with Blackchair Symphony

Leverage Blackchair to execute critical CCaaS configuration and management operations to create a more productive, efficient, and transparent cloud CX environment.

Transform your agile deployment and automated delivery capabilities for Cloud Contact Center rollouts and operations with Symphony from Blackchair. Recognized by Gartner as the leading solution for CCaaS DevOps and CICD delivery, Symphony accelerates time to value by reducing the necessity for time-consuming and costly manual effort.

Symphony delivers complete CCaaS configuration auditing & automation capability along with Operations Portal functionality to deliver a more productive, efficient and transparent CCaaS operating environment.



Know the who, what, and when of every change



Rollback errors, promote code and automate manual tasks

Operations Portal


Customizable use case driven portal 


Make auditing and troubleshooting easier so it takes less time and resources to complete.


Execute administrative routine tasks more efficiently to improve productivity and cut costs.


Use our management platform to automate critical functions to improve accuracy.

Key Features of Symphony

CCaaS Configuration Auditing

Turn CX configuration auditing into a real-time process to provide better transparency and visibility into configuration changes. With our solution, you will get deeper insights into potential problems thanks to the solution's propensity for greater accuracy during the troubleshooting process.

Critically, you will reverse incompatible configurations in just a few clicks to rapidly resolve any configuration errors with ease to reduce system downtime and improve MTTR.

Furthermore, you will have an easier time enforcing compliance policies through our comprehensive compliance reporting capabilities that captures all configuration records and our proactive watchlist, where you can create a list of alerts for specific roles and conditions.

CCaaS Configuration Automation

Make multi-domain management a breeze. Symphony allows you to effortlessly enforce configuration standards across domains, allowing for greater system stability and platform performance.

Furthermore, you can accelerate productivity across a complex environment by leveraging DevOps automation to deploy work faster through our automation builder without any coding needed, making maintenance easier and more efficient even across a multi-domain CX platform to accelerate productivity and cut costs.

Critically, you can streamline configuration maintenance through Symphony by preventing configuration hoarding and redundancy to further optimize configuration activity within your multi-domain network.

CCaaS Operations Portal

Streamline CX operations on your multi-domain platform to enforce compliance standards, streamline operations, reduce costs, and double productivity through the Symphony Operations Portal.

Symphony comes with several features that empower your users with the means to monitor your ecosystem effectively. For example, third-party data and applications can be integrated through a single portal to connect workflows, which is done effortlessly through our role-based UI, where you can tailor a UI to fit a specific enterprise, group or user.

This would allow you to maintain configurations while enforcing security measures. The role-based UI allows you to perform several functions efficiently, such as scheduling and to enable bulk operations or adjusting activities where needed. 

Key Features of Symphony

Manage complex skilling systems

Manage and coordinate complex skilling across multiple systems (e.g. Five9, Verint, and HR) to streamline complex administration operations and double productivity.

Process bulk operations

Bulk user management, all without needing administration access and training to reduce agent and supervisor training time to make the system more accessible.

Improve productivity

Innovate faster with fewer defects, recover from mistakes, and shorten time to value to turn your CCaaS platform into a productive, value-oriented platform.

Automate complex operations

Automate repetitive tasks to remove laborious MACD jobs, improve productivity, and reduce mistakes to double productivity and reduce costs.

Maintain a persistent configuration record

Capture and retain all change activity in a domain for a configurable duration to streamline auditing and troubleshooting to improve MTTR.

Automated rollback

Respond to unauthorized activity by rolling back undesired changes within a domain(s) to improve platform stability and protect the platform.

Maintain a watchlist

Watchlists to identify and reduce/avoid service-impacting changes so that unauthorized configuration changes are not made to the platform.

Multi-domain administrative capability

Single/Multi domain administration capability to manage all domains from a single platform to simplify administrative work.

Create automated templates

Custom automation templates, enabling faster deployments of specific administrative functions to double productivity and streamline functions.

Increase productivity

Automate repetitive activities and emergency response to reduce operational risk while also doubling productivity.

What do our clients have to say?

“Symphony replaced all of our skilling options simply because it's an auditable solution. We faced a lot of challenges in tracking skilling changes in our CCaaS platform. So, if someone changes skills on an agent, we couldn't track who did it or why they did it. But now, we can easily stay informed about all configuration changes with Symphony.”

 - Fortune 100 Healthcare provider -

“Not only has Symphony Automation significantly sped up the go-live of each Business Unit, but the templating feature has nearly eliminated the possibility for mistakes and allows for easy deployments and rollbacks.”

 - A Blackchair implementation partner -


How can Blackchair Symphony improve the CCaaS operations of my business?

Blackchair Symphony leverages class-leading automated solutions to synergize CCaaS operations across all systems within your contact center, allowing you to align and manage all aspects of operations to optimize and synchronize your delivery in a holistic manner.

Can I address hidden threats and vulnerabilities in my CCaaS systems using Symphony?

Yes, Symphony allows you to gain complete CCaaS visibility into your systems and uncover vulnerabilities such as junk configurations, while helping you make the tweaks and changes that are necessary to unleash the maximum potential of your CX efforts.

How will establishing a persistent configuration record improve troubleshooting?

By establishing a persistent configuration record, you will have a real-time record of any and all configuration changes that took place within the CX ecosystem. Hence, if an issue arises, you will have an easier time tracing what changes led to the issue and who made it, reducing the time and effort required for troubleshooting.

Will Blackchair Symphony be compatible with all the CX systems I use?

All automated tools of Blackchair Symphony are calibrated to be fully compatible with the full range of contact center platforms that are provided by all leading CX platform providers in the industry.

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