February 18

Studies show that a multi-cloud environment is now the norm

According to a Nutanix study, multi-cloud operations are expected to be the new norm for the industry. 

Multi-cloud adoption for enterprises with over 5,000 employees is at 57%, while this number stands at 36% for organizations of a smaller size that use multi-cloud operations. Over the next few years, adoption rates are expected to soar to 64%.

The study demonstrates the importance of leveraging cloud technology in a competitive CX environment. 

What is driving migration to a multi-cloud environment? 

COVID-19 has prompted the need for greater flexibility, and a multi-cloud business model is one of the more effective ways of accomplishing greater efficiency within CX centers.

Most organizations have realized that a one-size-fits-all approach to cloud-based operations is unsuitable for business interests and growth goals. 

In this environment, organizations are looking to improve security, compliance, performance, flexibility, and cost-cutting. A multi-cloud infrastructure can help organizations accomplish all these goals.

Over 87% of IT decision-makers believe that a multi-cloud approach is the best choice for creating a flexible IT environment and simplifying management and operations. 

The same survey that yielded this information also revealed that:

  • 41% of IT leaders stated that security was better on the cloud
  • 39% of IT leaders made the switch for performance gains
  • 38% were looking to gain control of applications

By adopting a multi-cloud model, organizations can simplify operations and provide the flexibility and agility that contemporary organizations need to survive.

A multi-cloud platform also adds value to operations on several fronts, including remote work and collaboration, providing better CX, and strengthening business continuity. 

The challenges of migrating to a multi-cloud environment

Not every organization, however, has overcome the technical hurdles of migrating to the cloud. 

For example, 80% of organizations stated that moving to a different cloud environment remains a huge challenge, while over 77% state that workload portability is the biggest obstruction to cloud migration. 

To overcome these problems, organizations need to choose the right platforms and solutions to facilitate the migration and management process.

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