October 29

Why is a majority of CX centers still standing by on-premise CX solutions in 2021?

During the pandemic, most contact centers migrated to the cloud to meet customer needs while keeping their employees safe. 

A surprising number of centers, however, did not migrate to the cloud; preferring to stick with their on-premise solutions instead. A study revealed that by the end of 2020, over 32% of CX centers were running an on-premise solution, with 23% saying they have no plans to migrate to the cloud.

While it is surprising to see a high percentage of CX centers persisting with their on-premise solutions, it highlights some of the issues that come with migrating to a cloud-based CX solution and why so many CX centers did not migrate to the cloud, despite the obvious benefits.

The challenges of migrating to the cloud 

Data security is a major concern because most managers are worried about a data breach when using a cloud-based platform. 

Moving to the cloud is a complex and technical process; CX engineers have to justify the cost by clearly explaining how the CX center will benefit from the move. 

Unfortunately, most CX centers don’t have a robust plan to reduce the cost of migration to make it more feasible. In addition, most CX centers do not have a compelling digital transformation strategy that would motivate managers to undertake the project. 

A lack of a digital business transformation strategy inevitably means that managers put off migration efforts and focus on immediate IT concerns such as CRM and application development because the value of these applications is easier to discern. As a result, CX migration plans become a lesser priority. 

Some contact centers, on the other hand, do not move from their on-premise solution because they have only recently invested in the solution. They have not yet gained sufficient ROI from their new on-premise solution, making managers reluctant to approve another move to a new platform.

Moving to the cloud has its share of challenges, but CX centers need to invest in the right platform to mitigate these challenges and make a necessary shift. 

Optimizing the cloud migration process with the right platforms

Blackchair’s CX management platform optimizes migration to a cloud environment, removing uncertainty from the process.

Our management platform brings transparency to your CX setup while automating the process, allowing you to cleanse legacy systems, transfer relevant configuration data, and verify change requests to reduce the cost and time needed to migrate to another platform. 

Use our CX management platform to optimize your migration process and accelerate your move to a cloud-based application.

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