August 29

How to embrace CCaaS to initiate a modern contact center evolution fitting the new era of CX

Today’s customers have the highest freedom of choice when it comes to selecting the channels and medium of communication than at any point in history.

With social media chats, messaging platforms, and video calls complementing traditional channels such as emails and calls, the contemporary customer intends to use all available options when interacting with brands and expect great engagement across the board.

To make a strong impression and retain a commanding presence, organizations must provide memorable engagement and satisfying experiences, regardless of size or scale. 

This means legacy contact centers won’t cut it when meeting customer expectations and delivering CX in ways that will delight the modern customer. 

So, here’s what you need to follow when building a transformative platform for CX delivery by migrating to CCaaS.

Planning phase: Decide on the specifics of the CX migration project

Migrating a legacy contact center to a CCaaS operation is not a small undertaking, no matter the size or level of complexity of the platform. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the potential of your development teams, costs involved, and timeframes for delivery is essential.

It is vital to have an organization-wide understanding of the time and resources required for completing this endeavor. The deployment process should also be planned out, including whether the development will be carried out in phases or if it will be implemented all at once.

Better outcomes can be expected by engaging in the initial planning of the development, including the level of functionality required and whether it will be a turnkey platform or a slower but more closely customized build. 

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the actual development and build are not everything. Testing of systems and verification of information need to also be taken into account for the initial plan.

Platform selection: Select a provider for the new cloud contact center platform

Choosing the ideal provider for your new cloud-CX platform requires a lot of due diligence, research, and a clear understanding of your requirements and the capabilities of each platform available.

Exploring the provider’s track record in the CCaaS solutions space, the makeup of their existing clientele, and the extent to which they provide support services can all be important factors to consider when picking a provider.

The frequency at which they release updates should also be considered as this will determine developments and innovations that can be integrated into your CCaaS operation going forward. It is recommended to request the provider for references among their existing clients so you can communicate with them to get a better understanding from the client’s perspective.

Pre-migration: Get the insights you need for perfect CX migrations with automated discovery

Total visibility and a complete understanding of the operations of your legacy contact center are of prime importance to successfully migrate to a well-aligned contact center solution. 

The most reliable method for excelling at this phase is by leveraging automated discovery solutions that save time and money to eliminate the discovery burden on development teams and accelerate their readiness for your CX migration.

CX forensics and automated discovery of legacy configurations play a big part in this phase by helping organizations understand their CX environment and identify well-aligned configurations that can be carried forward to the CCaaS operation and junk configurations that need to be eliminated.

Armed with accurate information, such as which channels deliver the most engaging interactions, you can understand the full potential for CX delivery in your contact center and set transformative yet achievable objectives for the CX migration project guided by reliable insights.

Migration phase: Harness automated solutions backed by end-to-end CX migration assurance

Opting to optimize CX migrations with automation can significantly assist organizations in reaching their CCaaS goals rapidly, within budgets, and set timeframes while delivering maximum results.

By eliminating human error and ensuring that contact center migrations are well-aligned with objectives, automated CX migration enables you to leverage vital features such as automated rollback of erroneous specifications and end-to-end CX migration assurance to boost the ROI from your migration to CCaaS seamlessly.

Post-migration: Utilize automated CCaaS management for synchronized CX environments

To generate greater returns and sustain a high level of performance, CCaaS operations need to evolve and integrate more closely with other applications, such as CRM platforms and ERP systems.

Optimizing CX delivery requires CCaaS operations to be adaptable and scalable. Automated CCaaS management can allow organizations to maintain momentum in the post-migration phase through automated configuration, DevOps management, and more. 

Due to its importance in building synergy and synchronization within CX environments, automated CCaaS management is vital for unleashing the full potential of CCaaS operations in the future.

Embark on contact center migrations that deliver transformative results in the long term

Partnering with the right provider can greatly increase the effectiveness of contact center migration projects. They provide proven solutions for automating critical processes to eliminate risks and deliver dependable results for you and your customers through a future-proofed CCaaS operation.

Therefore, consider working with a reputed provider of contact center migration services to transform your contact center operations.

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