August 4

Unlocking The Potential Of A Contact Center Through CX Data

While the CX center is often at the core of CX strategies by sharing insights and breaking down siloes, for most CX organizations, this is a far-off dream because there are internal perceptions over what CX can do. If organizations are to unleash the full potential of the CX center they have to overcome obstacles that hinder collaboration and find more efficient means to analyze customer insights.

How to facilitate and share CX data across the entire organization?

Experts indicate that facilitating collaboration takes four steps which consists of studying customer journeys, balancing AI with human support, devising ways to manage technology architecture, and adopting a digital mindset. 

Analyzing customer journeys is the ideal first step because contact centers host a significant amount of data, and sharing these insights can demonstrate the value of CX, foster better cross-function relationships, and inspire collaboration. 

However, organizations need a solution that can facilitate the sharing of this information, such as a management platform. Moreover, they also require advanced analytics to rapidly breakdown customer data. To make the transition smoother, experts have suggested using BI solutions to break down customer data and share it across different relevant departments. 

What issues can you expect from facilitate collaboration?

Cross-sharing with different departments allows organizations can begin collaborating to resolve oncoming issues. For example, an excellent starting point would be using the data to fix upstream issues and create a more seamless process for customers. 

Studying customer data can reveal several issues that can be placed in three different catergories: Internal issues, external problems, and policy related issues. 

Dividing catergories into different issues can aid problem-solving. Internal issues can be addressed by CX center agents with other departments resolving external issues. Finally, with policy-related issues resolved by the organization’s board.

Furthermore, there are several tactics organizations can use to share and collaborate on data. For example, CX departments can offer support to relevant departments. If you are looking to speed up the troubleshooting process, you can share customer feedback on the broken process, ensuring that business stakeholders understand the issue.

Turning CX data into a valuable asset

As the quality of CX gets more scrutiny from customers, leveraging all assets to alleviate service standards can help CX organizations gain a competitive advantage and maximize customer satisfaction. The data contact centers have can be a valuable asset that can improve standards. Hence, organizations should take all necessary steps to share the data to resolve issues and alleviate CX standards.

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