Leverage CX analytics to maximize ROI on your platform

Discover how you can optimize and simplify CX configuration by leveraging Blackchair Symphony.

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Leverage CX analytics to maximize ROI on your platform

Discover how you can optimize and simplify CX configuration by leveraging Blackchair Symphony.

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Looking to improve transparency in your CX platform? It’s not unusual for legacy data and redundant configuration IP to clog up the system, making it difficult to navigate the environment to get anything done.

Fortunately, all you need is a CX analytics solution—software that you can plug into your system—to give you insight into your CCaaS ecosystem to assess the flow of configuration data and remove bottlenecks to improve productivity.

This is what Blackchair Symphony can do for you; it can provide a 3D picture of configuration and management changes throughout the platform, making it easier to determine what changes were made and by whom, simplifying the configuration control. 

How Blackchair’s CX analytics platform elevates configuration analysis

A persistent configuration record

Blackchair Symphony maintains a persistent configuration record that documents any configuration changes, making it easier to track changes made to the system.

Automated rollback

If there are any unauthorized configuration changes, Symphony can roll back and undo the changes that were made in a few clicks, resolving the issue quickly.

Process bulk operations

If you can have multiple systems within your CX ecosystem, you can seamlessly conduct bulk operations across the various systems all at once, saving time.

Maintain a watchlist

Blackchair Symphony helps create a watchlist of potential configuration actions that could compromise service, helping mitigate unauthorized configuration changes.

Multi-domain administrative capability

The solution lets you handle several domains. If you are working with several solutions, you can manage all administrative functions from a single location.

Create automated templates

You can create custom automated templates, allowing you to deploy administrative functions in just a few clicks instead of completing the work yourself.

Why leverage CX analytics to your benefit?

Maintain an accurate reading

Leverage the CX analytics solution to improve maintenance and oversight of the CX platform to prevent unexpected errors, leading to better platform stability and productivity.

Rapidly resolve configuration errors

If there is an unexpected configuration error, you can resolve it in minutes instead of spending hours trying to find and resolve configuration issues, creating a more stable environment.

Better compliance monitoring

Improve monitoring and oversight in the CX platform, making it easier to enforce compliance regulations, reducing the chances of incurring fines and penalties, and improving performance.

Streamline complex operations

With the option to automate operations, you don’t have to worry about completing operations manually, leading to better productivity and a more streamlined pipeline for delivery.

Improve productivity and reduce risk

Creating automated templates allows non-technical users to perform specific operations without the risk of disrupting the platform, improving productivity while reducing risks.


How can Blackchair’s CX analysis solution maximize ROI?

With Blackchair Symphony, you can conduct a deeper, more comprehensive analysis of all the operations in your CX solution to get a better idea of what is happening in your ecosystem and who is performing the operations. With this comprehensive CX analysis, you can get a better understanding of the bottlenecks and what can be done to improve productivity and cut costs.

Can Blackchair Symphony improve compliance monitoring?

With Blackchair Symphony, you can improve compliance monitoring as it allows for effective monitor configuration actions in real time, making it easier to flag compliance violations and take corrective action to address this issue. Furthermore, since there is a watchlist of potential actions that can be flagged, you can pre-emptively prevent configuration actions that can risk rules and regulations.

What solutions can I manage with the multi-domain administrative capability?

You can manage a range of solutions that you are using in your CX ecosystem, which include Five9, Verint, Genesys, and HR. Blackchair comes with a variety of features that make it easier to manage multiple solutions in a single system. For example, the solution comes with a generic interface that makes it easy to support the platform.

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