November 16

Improving communication, efficiency, and the customer experience with AI

As technology advances, CX centers are shifting from on-premise Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions to cloud-based CX platforms. In the recent past, these solutions have allowed CX centers to make significant gains in productivity and operational efficiency while meeting a myriad of WFH requirements. 

Despite the productivity gains associated with cloud-based solutions, however, contact centers are now encountering technical challenges that undermine these benefits.

CX center ecosystems consist of several applications that operate in isolation with little interoperability between them; this lack of connectivity makes CX operations relatively hard to complete. Furthermore, the absence of interoperability means communication breakdowns aren’t just common but costly as well. 

There is also the question of improving customer service: CX managers understand that personalization is crucial in providing high-quality services because it improves customer retention, and eventually, ROI. This, however, has proved challenging to execute in the absence of the right technological support.

In light of these, contact centers are turning to AI management solutions today to streamline their operations, deliver better customer experiences, and improve communication across the CX ecosystem.

Here’s how.

What can CX centers do with AI-based solutions?

Sophisticated AI platforms equip CX centers with the capabilities to expand communication channels and leverage appropriate tools to personalize the customer experience.

According to a survey by Aberdeen, over 61% of CX executives said that AI granted them deeper insight into customer interactions, 33% said AI reduced inefficiencies across their operations, and over 29% said that employees had better insight into their CX operations. 

AI can also improve connectivity across a complex CX ecosystem. Today, solutions powered by AI allow CX personnel to improve communication, leading to greater, more meaningful collaboration on CX projects, especially across remote workstations. 

What’s more, is that AI can enrich the customer experience. CX engineers now have the ability to understand consumer preferences and pain points by analyzing a wealth of data. This is facilitated through AI’s ability to collect and study data from millions of entry points across the CX ecosystem—a feat that’s challenging to execute with conventional data management solutions. 

Optimize your CX operations with powerful AI-driven solutions

Given AI’s importance in creating a more efficient business ecosystem, CX centers should consider incorporating these technological capabilities into their operations to boost productivity and collaboration, enhance the customer experience, and reduce operating costs. 
Today, the right CX operating solutions can help you achieve all this—and much more—intuitively and without disrupting your operational workflows.

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