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Recent trends that are driven by an increased rate of automation in the CX space

The contact center has been a mainstay within organizations for decades. It is an extremely crucial operation for businesses that rely on delivering immersive CX and memorable engagement to their customers to ensure ROI and survival.

Moreover, CX plays an increasingly important role at present by helping organizations retain and grow their customer bases in fiercely competitive markets that are rocked by volatility in the global business environment.

Hence, the greater emphasis placed on delivering unparalleled CX has led organizations to augment their contact centers with the latest automation technologies and innovations to not fall behind the competition.

With the migration of legacy contact centers into fully-fledged CCaaS operations opening up the new frontier for automation, it will be a prudent step for organizations to keep track of the recent trends in CX brought about by rising automation.

Rundown of the latest and most impactful trends in CX attributed to rising automation

While there are multiple trends and impacts in CX resulting from skyrocketing rates of automation, the following rundown covers the most impactful trends that businesses must take note of:

  1. Customers demand a human touch to their interactions

With AI-powered contact center technologies such as NLP coming to the forefront due to their ability to offer better control of cost and automating tasks previously handled by humans, organizations have been quick to integrate automated assistance into the front end of most customer interactions. 

However, recent studies suggest that an overwhelming majority of customers prefer to have a human element in their interactions with the contact center. The concern of interactions lacking the human touch was aired among other concerns such as the fear of AI replacing human agents entirely.

Therefore, organizations could prioritize human involvement in more substantial interactions while leveraging automation to handle simpler interactions. In this way, automation helps contact centers uplift the human element in CX delivery.

Furthermore, automated tools can be used to automate repetitive and routine back-end tasks more efficiently. This frees up human agents to focus and deliver more comprehensive engagement to customers.

  1. Analysis of customer intent for smoother operations

Intelligent contact center operations have always made efforts to analyze their demand drivers, identify root causes behind interactions, and address upstream issues to improve the quality of CX delivered.

This is a smart tactic that contributes to better engagement and better CX delivery by lowering customer effort and cutting down the overall volume of contact. However, the data that guided these efforts over the past few years generally missed the mark and hampered its effectiveness in improving CX.

At present, technologies such as sentiment analysis and NLP are providing breakthroughs that boost the effectiveness of measuring customer intent significantly, amplifying businesses to better identify and address pain points in customer journeys.

Insights uncovered through these efforts allow for the integration of more intelligent routing techniques where the more complex contacts can be routed to more experienced agents. This allows for better management of contact volumes and seamless stress-free interactions that deliver superior engagement levels.

  1. Automation of workflows both across divisions and within contact centers

Automated tools and solutions have permeated into every aspect of CCaaS operations and all other functions that have a crucial alignment toward CX delivery.

Tools such as IVR have brought about simpler and more efficient workflows for not only conveniently routing contacts in more effective ways but also empowering agents with the ability to centrally access all information that is pertinent to ongoing interactions in real-time, facilitating better engagement and improved customer satisfaction.

Moreover, automated configuration and operations management encompassing the entire CX environment has taken the efficiency and returns generated from CCaaS operations to the next level.

Cloud-based and AI-powered innovations are rapidly laying the foundation for transformation in CX delivery by automating, aligning, and unifying workflows that contribute to providing customers with an immersive experience. 

Adapt to the trends and integrate innovations with confidence by leveraging an automated solution for configuration management

As organizations have a wide array of automated tools to choose from, it is recommended to utilize automated configurations management to ensure synchronization between CX systems and seamless functionality at all times.

Maintain the performance of your CCaaS operation at maximum efficiency and optimal returns from CX delivery by leveraging automated rollback capabilities and total visibility into your CX environment.

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