May 29

Providing support to CX agents through better knowledge management

With the constant evolution of contact center technologies, it is crucial for businesses to maintain up-to-date information to enable CX agents and systems to deliver accurate knowledge as and when needed. However, it’s important to recognize that knowledge is not static; it requires ongoing maintenance, updates, and relevance. Unfortunately, this understanding of knowledge is not always supported by proper processes.

According to a report, 78% of CX employees express frustration due to insufficient information available to assist customers in real time. This problem becomes more pronounced when using bots and automated systems for support since they cannot determine if the data is incorrect or outdated, but still present it as factual and accurate.

Inaccurate knowledge within the knowledge base can result in various issues that frustrate customers and lead to a poor customer experience. Therefore, it is essential to revamp how we manage our knowledge management systems, ensuring that CX agents have access to accurate and up-to-date information precisely when they need it.

How to ensure that CX agents get the knowledge they need

There are certain solutions that CX agents can leverage to provide agents with the necessary information.

Centralize your knowledge base 

To enhance efficiency and cater to customer needs effectively, it is recommended to organize knowledge based on customer requirements rather than internal structures and processes. While it may initially appear counterintuitive, aligning company information with customer needs enables customer experience (CX) agents to readily access the necessary information whenever required.

Moreover, organizing knowledge within a searchable and centralized knowledge base, enriched with diverse media content and a well-designed FAQ section, can significantly enhance the overall customer experience. Implementing a search function that pre-populates questions allows customers to easily filter through relevant queries, ensuring a prompt and accurate response.

Orchestrate experiences across the channel 

Automation plays a crucial role in orchestrating a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, as it enables agents to gain deeper insights into customers’ journeys. By tracking the starting point of customers’ interactions and understanding their intended next steps, automation enhances the overall CX, resulting in a more satisfying experience.

In addition, automation can analyze and interpret valuable cues from each customer interaction, enabling it to deliver relevant and personalized information that best caters to their needs. This not only fosters an empathic experience for customers but also equips CX agents with a wealth of useful information to assist them effectively.

Optimizing knowledge management for better CX 

As the volume of knowledge organizations grows and becomes more complex, organizations need to have an easy and efficient way to navigate the sea of information efficiently if CX agents are to provide customers with the support they need. Without these options to navigate the complex layer of information quickly, it would be difficult to provide a seamless experience for customers.

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