April 22

Key features from the top cloud migration providers and what it says about the CX industry

Each year, the CX industry is constantly evolving, with new technology, technical requirements, and business preferences shaping the direction of the industry.

This new direction, in turn, inspires a business’ choice in their cloud migration provider. Hence, when examining what features resonate with some of the industry’s key players, we can learn much by looking at the offerings of the top cloud migration managed service providers. 

In this update, we will explore some of the key features that define the industry in the next few years and what it says about the industry.

What are the qualities of cloud migration providers?

Planning and optimizing CX cloud migration 

Most cloud migration managed service providers offer features for planning migration to a cloud-based environment.

Some solutions help users build a foundational architecture to help design and implement cloud-native applications and even streamline lift and shift migrations from initial planning and assessment phases to complete mass migration. 

Certain solutions help create a transformation network to predict the migration process.

Easing the transition into the cloud environment 

The top cloud service providers offer managed cloud adoption and migration services to make cloud operations more efficient. 

For example, they can provide customizable cloud deployments to make migration more efficient or safeguard enterprise assets in the cloud. 

Furthermore, most managed providers leverage automation to help users increase the reliability of their applications in the cloud.

Offering a toolset to optimize management 

Most cloud migration managed service platforms have several tools that allow organizations to optimize cloud management. 

Some tools include automated pipelines that can help organizations manage their cloud platform better. Platform tools help users move mission-critical workloads and projects through a well-established roadmap.

What does this say about the CX industry?

As technology becomes more complex, organizations are looking for automated solutions that can help them streamline and simplify their technological base. 

This is where cloud migration managed service providers become a valuable asset because it allows organizations to reduce the risk of migration and ensure that the organization can make a seamless transition to a cloud-based environment.

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