September 28

The key drivers determining customer satisfaction

A study has revealed the top drivers of customer satisfaction: speed, agility, and trust. The study that assessed the customer satisfaction scores (SAT) of insurance customers and factors that decided customer satisfaction, was conducted by Verint and surveyed 25 health insurers from June to July 2021. 

According to key findings, customers want the fastest channel for completing work though what counted as a “fast channel” changed, depending on demographics—31% of Baby Boomers say the website was the preferred channel, while 31% of Gen Z say they prefer to speak to a CX agent.

Although this is related to insurance, it is an indicator of what customers are expecting from their CX services. Speedy omnichannel CX service can help them resolve their issues effectively; other factors that determine customer service quality include provider availability, digital experience, and claims. 

Customers want service to be swift and responsive, resolving issues as soon as possible while valuing additional support services.

Many contact centers are investing in software that augments technical capabilities while improving the soft skills of their CX agents for better customer service. For example, some of the latest solutions aim to improve CX agents’ communication skills, so they are more empathetic to customer needs. By improving listening skills, customers can resolve their issues faster, raising the value of customer service.

Customers now expect CX centers to resolve issues speedily while also being sensitive to their needs. Those CX centers that provide this level of service will see them stay one step ahead of their competitors. 

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