October 3

Augmenting capabilities of CCaaS by building in intelligent automation

As many businesses around the world face increasing competition and tumultuous market conditions, emphasis on contact center automation has increased steadily as a means of boosting ROI through delivering better CX. 

Building intelligent automation into existing CCaaS operations will boost efficiency, improve the utilization of time and skills of agents, and boost the quality of CX delivery and engagement levels through each interaction.

This enables organizations to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and build strong relationships throughout the customer journey.

Read on to explore which aspects of CX delivery can be addressed through automated solutions to formulate an intelligent contact center automation strategy for CCaaS operations.

How to best utilize automation in elevating CCaaS operations?

Here are the most prominent areas where automation can significantly impact the effectiveness of CCaaS operations:

  1. Developing self-service options within the CCaaS operation

Advanced chatbots powered by conversational AI have become increasingly popular as a means of handling more simpler and straightforward interactions via the provision of self-service options directly to the customers.

This not only frees up agents to focus on more complex and higher value-adding tasks but also delivers a swift resolution to inquiries without lengthy queueing for customers.

  1. Simplifying the entire customer journey through CCaaS optimization

Getting the initial point of contact right is a vital step in devising engaging and satisfying customer journey maps. To this end, intelligent routing options that take the customer directly to the desired point of contact from the very first interaction are extremely important in delivering a positive customer experience.

For instance, AI capabilities such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) are currently used overwhelmingly in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to rapidly steer customers directly to the help they need. However, it is important to take a measured approach to use AI in the contact center in order to retain the human touch in interactions.

  1. Leveraging automated configuration and DevOps management

Automated CCaaS Configuration and operations management solutions can play a pivotal role in automating repetitive CX management tasks and free up agents to handle more high-priority and value-added tasks.

Moreover, this can ensure synergy between all CX systems and operations for a synchronized CX environment that functions at peak performance. Automated CCaaS management also helps organizations keep track of changes by keeping detailed change logs and providing functionality to automatically roll back unaligned changes.

Explore intelligent automated solutions for contact center migration and management that provide proven results

Whether you are considering migrating from your legacy CX platform to a fully-fledged CCaaS operation (navigating the pre-migration stage) or seeking to initiate a reliable CX migration and carry the momentum forward in the post-migration phase: Clarity automated discovery services and Symphony automated configuration and DevOps management solutions by Blackchair are intelligent automated solutions for achieving proven results.

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