January 19

Improving customer engagement in an omnichannel CX environment

With more CX centers adopting systems to support an omnichannel experience, the industry is focusing on optimizing existing channels to improve engagement. They are looking to accomplish this through several methods, including reducing the friction in customers’ omnichannel experiences. 

While CX has made remarkable progress through cloud-based CX solutions, rising competition, and industry standards are forcing key leaders to examine their channels, see how they can optimize them, and create a more seamless omnichannel experience.

With over 75% of surveyed customers stating they expect smooth experiences across every channel they use, from mobile to social, the importance of a frictionless omnichannel experience cannot be overstated.

Using the right technology to improve engagement

Improving engagement within an omnichannel CX environment requires the creation of a smooth, seamless environment with minimal lag or friction. 

Fortunately, advances in cloud and emerging technologies have created a rich customer engagement digital ecosystem, providing CX centers with a variety of options to improve customer engagement. This is accomplished by building on its strengths of omnichannel CX and tackling some of its weaknesses. 

At the top of this ecosystem are AI and automation; with over 71% of organizations saying intelligent automation is more important than ever before, and 63% strategically investing in AI, automation is becoming the preferred tool for improving engagement in omnichannel CX.

Automation has become critical because it completes certain operations with minimal manual input, accelerating productivity and creating a frictionless omnichannel experience that improves engagement. AI also accelerates decision-making by finding connections from different data points to improve performance and outcomes. 

Improving engagement in an omnichannel environment

In 2022, an omnichannel environment is critical for engaging customers fully. A seamless environment, however, is even more critical to create a sustainable high engagement rate while turning CX environments into more cost-efficient landscapes.

That is why CX centers that use AI and emerging technologies to streamline workflows and optimize their omnichannel environment to improve customer engagement are leading the way forward and ushering in the future of the industry on all fronts.

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