Guarantee a seamless service free from disruptions in your Genesys cloud environment with Continuance

Automated business continuity planning and disaster recovery services to mitigate risks, cut costs, and save time—all with one solution.

Automated business continuance planning for Genesys Cloud CX

Automated business continuity planning and disaster recovery services to mitigate risks, cut costs, and save time—all with one solution.

Continuance utilizes the power of Blackchair Symphony to capture changes during production organization and publish them to your DR organization.

Improve risk mitigation with better business continuance and disaster recovery planning.

Cut down costs by automating DR procedures that integrate fully with Genesys Cloud.

Save time and resources with automated updates and audits in your DR Genesys Cloud org.

Key features of Continuance

Functionality with Symphony

Continuance is an add-on to Blackchair Symphony and acts as an automation and data transformation layer.

Fully integrated with Genesys

Continuance works alongside your existing Blackchair Symphony subscription, integrates fully with your CCaaS platform.

Automated updates and audits

When changes are made in the production org, Continuance automatically updates and audits the DR org.

Real-time synchronization

Automatic and real-time synchronization services are enabled across both production and DR CX systems.

50+ object type support

50+ object types, 99% of configuration objects in Genesys Cloud, are currently supported through API.

Built-in alerting system

A customized altering system that is built into the system to notify of successful or unsuccessful updates.

Productized object sync

Productized object sync enabled across any org to automatically publish up-to-date changes into the DR org

Extended compatibility

An altering system set up to notify of objects that are not supported for syncing—to be manually changed.

Want to achieve “Clarity” before you migrate? Get all the insights you need for free in our service description.

Learn how Blackchair’s Continuance enhances the disaster recovery capabilities of your Genesys cloud environment.

What our clients have to say

Oh my God! We had no idea what was really under the covers of our legacy system – Clarity really brought to light what we needed to transform as we moved to CCaaS.

 - Logistics industry client -

We were able to find and eliminate 3500 useless agent seats in the legacy premise environment. Over 65% of our old configuration was found to be irrelevant for the move to CCaaS.

 - Transportation and logistics industry client -

We were able to automatically assess our legacy switch environments with a data-driven approach that led to a shrinking migration window by a significant percentage.

 - Banking industry client -


What’s the importance of business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP)?

Business continuity planning is necessary to ensure that a business remains operational during a disaster, and disaster recovery planning helps the business restore data access and IT infrastructure after a disaster.

What are the challenges for BCP in a Genesys cloud environment?

Genesys cloud presents a unique challenge for business continuity planning as there is no functionality to easily move configurations. There are also no comparison tools to ensure production and DR alignment.

How does Continuance work with Symphony?

Continuance is an add-on for Symphony and delivers scheduled or on-demand automated synchronization of the Genesys Cloud DR org. Symphony is used to capture the changes occurring in your production org, which are then published in the background to your DR org.

How can Blackchair Continuance fit into the Genesys cloud org?

Since Continuance is an add-on for Symphony, it can either run in production or DR regions or even in multiple regions for resiliency.

Symphony identifies changes happening in the production org, and special workflows to create an automation package that is pointed at the DR org and run. The Symphony UI provides information on the object types for syncing, which the clients can then customize.

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