January 14

Hyperautomation makes light of time-consuming work

Move, add, change, and delete (MADC) are simple tasks but consume far more resources than is justified. 

This is a problem that every CX center faces, and the impact can be significant because devoting too much time and resources to these functions can undermine operational efficiency and hurt CX ROI

These basic functions deny centers the opportunity to turn management operations into a more value-oriented service. 

The problem becomes even more noticeable when applying scale and complexity to omnichannel solutions. 

With CX centers working with several CX solutions, these once benign back-end processes become far more complex and time-consuming.

As CX systems become more complex, agents are expected to do more work for the same results, which is not a sustainable working environment. 
To make ambitious projects, like CX migration, more viable, it provides solution providers with an opportunity to improve their service offerings with hyperautomation.

What can hyperautomation do, and why will it be significant in the future?

While automation allows engineers to complete several CX operations, hyperautomation builds on this technology by providing an additional layer of sophistication through AI and machine learning to complete even more complex tasks. 

Hyperautomation allows CX centers to perform several complex operations across multiple CX applications with minimal involvement from professionals. This allows you to cut down on the manual processes needed to complete the work. 

For example, if a specific process needed twelve steps to complete, hyperautomation can allow you to complete the same process in three to four steps, which saves time and improves productivity. 

Applications powered by hyperautomation have self-service features that allow users to pull off complex processes concurrently with human teams, doubling productivity and reducing costs.

Higher efficiency allows you to drive more value through CX operations by giving engineers more room to innovate and discover new avenues for value addition.

Optimizing operations with the right tools

Contact center software will be an integral part of CX, regardless of industry. 

With CX centers working with multiple CX solutions, tasks that once seemed trivial have grown into massive time sinks that do not add value to operations and constrain valuable resources. 

To alleviate the burden and turn the CX ecosystem into a more productive environment,  we need to use automation technology to improve productivity. 

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