May 10

Unified communications capabilities are taking CCaaS platforms to a whole new level

As we approach the second half of 2024, the CX landscape is evolving faster than ever before, and recent developments look to be exciting for both vendors and users alike.

One of the latest trends that have taken CCaaS platforms by storm is the application of connected tools to bring together the many systems and processes that CX teams use, into one unified space.

With more and more businesses embracing CCaaS migration, this trend seems to be catching on even faster.

Industry leaders are facilitating unified communications

The trend is driven by leading CCaaS vendors like Five9, who have enabled their users to connect their contact centers with unified communication platforms. Some of their options include MS Teams integration, Zoom Phone integration, Nextiva integration, and RingCentral integration.

This has allowed businesses to enhance collaboration without compromising their CX operations, empowering agents to access subject-matter experts at a moment’s notice so that they can improve their first contact resolution rates alongside overall customer satisfaction.

In addition to these capabilities, CCaaS vendors now also allow businesses to align their workflows by connecting UCaaS/CCaaS solutions with CRM platforms, workforce management tools, and marketing applications.

These integrations have allowed agents to access customer data and history easily, optimize their scheduling activities and performance tracking operations, and deliver personalized customer interactions—driving better customer satisfaction.

As time goes on, more and more CCaaS vendors will provide highly flexible APIs and SDKs, so their customers can create custom integrations and automate workflows across different software solutions to establish a comprehensive CX operation.

Why you should be excited about these developments

So what’s in it for you–the buyer of CCaaS solutions–in the long term?

The first thing to be excited about is agility. CCaaS platforms naturally come with a level of agility thanks to the innate cloud capabilities, but these connected clouds take it to a whole new level—allowing companies to innovate rapidly and adapt to changing business needs.

Businesses can also enjoy cost efficiencies, both in the long and short terms, by integrating their existing tools in use. This is facilitated by the elimination of duplicate efforts that can happen across the CX operation in situations where the tools are not connected seamlessly.

Of course, the improvement of CX delivery is one advantage that goes without saying. Unified workflows lead to better customer interactions, as agents are much more knowledgeable and have ready access to key customer information.

Unified communications capabilities are taking CCaaS platforms to a whole new level

The integration of unified communications into CCaaS platforms is a game-changer in the CX landscape. It not only enhances operational efficiency and collaboration but also significantly improves customer satisfaction.

As we move forward, we can expect to see more businesses and CCaaS vendors alike embracing this trend, leading to more innovative solutions and a more connected, efficient, and customer-centric business environment. The future of CCaaS is here, and it’s unified.

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