October 21

Addressing barriers in omnichannel CX

AI and omnichannel CX have long been touted as the two pieces of technology that can help elevate CX management to a new level of efficiency and productivity. However, what is often not discussed are the technical challenges that come with integrating these new technologies into the existing CX infrastructure. 

Organizations need to carefully assess their current CX infrastructure to make a clean, seamless integration of AI and omnichannel CX. 

Here is a brief look into how to successfully address the barriers that prevent you from making the most out of omnichannel CX. 

Common problems you might encounter with omnichannel CX

While omnichannel CX solutions promise to maximize ROI, there are some limitations that could undermine your investment. 

Chief among them is the need to train staff to use these solutions. This means that the transition from source CX platforms to omnichannel requires substantial investment and time. 

Furthermore, centralizing communications into one platform can be challenging from a structural perspective. This is because communications used to be routed directly through the CRM platform while social media communication was managed by digital marketing tools. 

Hence, uprooting the company’s structure to streamline communication, even with an omnichannel CX solution can be difficult to justify. 

With omnichannel CX causing significant disruptions to business and technical operations, not every organization will have a compelling business case to make the transition. 

Resolving omnichannel CX problems 

The best way to address these omnichannel CX issues is to carefully assess the omnichannel solution. This means sifting through the marketing material prompting the solution and considering its pros and cons and whether this solution would be a good fit for the organization. 

Having these foundational elements in place can help you find the right omnichannel platform that fits into the already existing CX operations. 

Once you build a compelling business case, it will be much easier to win over key stakeholders, making it easier to invest in an omnichannel solution. 

While omnichannel solutions hold a lot of promise to improve service quality and reduce operating costs, it is critical to identify the right solutions that would fit well into the CX infrastructure. 

Consider the pros and cons of each solution before integrating them into your existing platform. 

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