April 24

Customer satisfaction rates have been declining over the past few years. Can CCaaS help?

Cavell’s Voice of the Consumer Report 2024 has shed some light on the state of customer satisfaction and CX delivery, and it has some alarming statistics for us to work with.

The Voice of the Consumer Report 2024 includes input from over 1,000 adults around the UK, and 44% (almost half!) of them said that their experience with consumer-facing departments of businesses has declined over the past 3 years—causing their satisfaction rates to plummet.

To make matters worse, 45% of consumers have ignored an issue with a product or service they had purchased, simply because they didn’t want to deal with customer support agents.

How has customer satisfaction changed over the years?

The Voice of the Consumer Report also unveils some key information about the customer satisfaction rates of 2023.

According to the report, 62% of consumers were satisfied with over half of their interactions. While this may seem like a decent number, we all know that if we are considering the metrics of successful CX delivery, that is not a great number overall to be looking at.

Satisfaction also seems to change depending on the age of the consumer. For 16-24 year-olds, satisfaction rates were at 59%, while 55+ year-olds were at 70%. The lowest satisfaction rates were noted for 25-34 year-olds, at 56%.

Additionally, too many interactions also seem to have caused a decline in satisfaction rates. Consumers who only interacted with the business once had their satisfaction rates at 73% while those with 11–20 interactions only reported a 48% satisfaction rate.

What’s causing the decline?

Nowadays, the issues that consumers face when interacting with products and services are more complex and require careful handling. This means that businesses have to go the extra mile and level up their CX delivery so that their agents can resolve these increasingly complex issues effectively.

Not only that, customers also expect businesses to be accessible through multiple communication channels. Gone are the days of call desks. 

Now, businesses need to establish comprehensive contact centers that can also facilitate omnichannel communications so that customers can seamlessly interact with agents on their own terms via any channel of their choosing.

How can opting for CCaaS help?

To no one’s surprise, technology just might hold the answer to many of the qualms held by consumers regarding their experience with businesses. With the emergence of cloud platforms as a viable option to elevate contact center operations, businesses that engage in CCaaS migration have the potential to see considerable customer satisfaction improvements.

Firstly, CCaaS environments can enable multichannel and omnichannel communications, which is vital if you hope to deliver CX that is up to par with the standard business environment and customer expectations of today.

You can also incorporate ACD and IVR systems into your CCaaS environment, which can connect customers with the right agent quickly and consistently—reducing resolution times and significantly improving the quality of service.

Incorporating CCaaS technologies like CRMs and establishing a centralized knowledge base within the CCaaS platform can help with improving agent performance, which is also a key metric in improving customer experience.

CCaaS might just be the secret sauce to elevating CX and improving customer satisfaction rates in 2024

While customer satisfaction rates have been declining due to increasingly complex issues presented by customers and the lack of omnichannel communications, CCaaS platforms can help counteract these challenges with the wide range of technologies and capabilities they have on offer.

If you are struggling with enhancing your CX delivery and improving your customer satisfaction rates, CCaaS migration might be worth considering.

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