March 31

Google announces new end-to-end CX platform

As organizations begin to realize the importance of high-quality CX, we are seeing high-end tech companies launch CX solutions that provide omnichannel CX while also reducing the cost of operations. 

The need for high-quality CX has prompted many tech firms to enter the CX space with their own solution that makes omnichannel CX less costly than before. 

In our previous update, we discussed how Zoom, Hubspot, and Salesforce might dominate the CX industry – and now Google has announced its brand new omnichannel CX platform.

Google announces new CX platform 

On 21st March 2022, the search engine giant announced the Google Cloud Contact Center AI Platform, an expansion of their already existing platform that offers an out-of-the-box, end-to-end solution for the contact center. The platform merges cloud, AI, multi-experience capabilities, and CRM to help companies provide high-quality CX.

The contact center platform is designed for building customer relationships and extending the ability to offer consistent, personalized customer experiences. 

The platform’s purpose is to eliminate pain points, manage data fragmentation, and create more personalized, flexible workflows. 

The CX platform offers the following features to make all this possible: 

  • Manage multiple channels such as chat support, voice, and SMS. 
  • Use CRM as a unified source of insight into the customer experience.
  • Provide customers with self-service options through web and mobile interfaces. 
  • Organize the customer journey by creating modern experiences that work on modern channels. 
  • Automate scheduling, schedule adherence monitoring, and manage employee scheduling preferences. 

The solution is already making a significant difference to some of the biggest brands around the world. US-based OneUnited Bank has partnered with Google, while Fitbit is using Google to provide support to customers taking a mobile-first approach to their services.

What does this mean for the CX industry? 

Google’s entry into the CX industry marks the entrance of another tech giant looking to compete with other established giants in the industry. 

This is an excellent indicator that the CX industry is heading towards a revolutionary shift because organizations in the market for high-quality CX can now choose solutions from some of the largest tech companies around the world.

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