April 29

Five9 to expand their CX solution into the Canadian market

Five9, the leading provider of intelligent cloud CX center solutions, announced its expansion into the Canadian market

The company plans to provide end-to-end CX center solutions and services across CX strategy, architecture, and solution implementation to public and private enterprises based in Canada. 

To expand its reach, Five9 will be working with Deloitte Canada to provide these capabilities to potential clients spanning different industries. 

Five9 expansion into the Canadian market 

Users will be able to access digital channels, CX center analytics, workflow automation, workforce optimization, and practical AI to create more human customer experiences and empower CX center agents to deliver business results. 

Deloitte Canada plans to feature the Five9 Intelligent Cloud CX Center as part of their Future of Service Practice, providing the CX platform to Canadian enterprises to meet the growing demand for digital age networking. 

Deloitte Canada is a leader in CX implementation, while Five9 is one of the leading providers in CX solutions. 

The agreement between the two organizations will amplify existing sales and solutions to enable resources in the Canadian market. 

Furthermore, Deloitte Canada will invest in building a Five9 Center of Excellence within Canada, where the purpose is to drive innovation by leveraging the Five9 platform. 

Five9’s expansion plans indicate the growing demand for CCaaS solutions in the Canadian market. The strategic agreement with Deloitte Canada builds on recent investments Five9 made into the rapidly growing Canadian customer base, and they are looking to further their reach into the market. 

Another factor to consider is previously successful initiatives in the Canadian market. For example, in 2020, Five9 rolled out two new Canadian data centers to support local data privacy regulations and augment already available data centers in North America and EMEA. 

Moreover, the Five9 field services teams expanded different teams ranging from professional services to partner ecosystems to help Canadian companies embrace cloud innovations and optimize CX channels.

Implications about the state of the industry 

The success of previous ventures, combined with their partnership with Deloitte Canda, indicates that organizations are looking to expand in a new market where initial ventures were very successful. 

Furthermore, Five9’s ambitious expansion into new markets indicates a high demand for sophisticated automated solutions that not only deliver high-quality CX but also make it a more cost-effective process.  

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