June 3

CCaaS and CRM integrations in 2024: It’s a whole new world

Customers today are demanding more personalization, faster service delivery, and convenience in communications. Whichever business can deliver on the demands has the potential to win out against the competition.

With customer-centricity being the name of the game, familiar tools like CRM are gaining even more traction. It’s just that the context is a bit different this time.

The need for CRM technology is still driven by the need to deliver great CX. And the role of CCaaS is more impactful than ever in the CX landscape.

According to Zendesk, 75% of customers say they’ll spend more on products from a company offering a good CX. Ultimately this means that businesses stand to enjoy significant benefits by integrating CCaaS and CRM platforms. 

Here’s how CCaaS and CRM integrations are changing the CX landscape.

The CCaaS CRM integration landscape

Top CCaaS vendors are making some groundbreaking collaborations to facilitate these developments. Genesys in particular, partnered with popular CRM platforms Salesforce and ServiceNow, to transform their offerings. These integrations promise to pull Genesys’s voice, journey orchestration, and workforce engagement management capabilities into the Salesforce and ServiceNow platforms.

Five9 Aceyus’s capabilities are also worth mentioning here, ingesting data from various sources, including CRM and WEM systems, and normalizing the entire CX data set to deliver real-time insights.

Why integrate your CCaaS and CRM platforms

So why is CCaaS and CRM integration becoming a big deal in the CX landscape? Let’s dive in.

Personalized CX delivery

Leveraging contextual data from CRM and CCaaS integrations can optimize, predict, and deliver personalized customer journeys.

Enhanced team collaboration

A unified platform can improve coordination among team members, leading to better customer service.

True omnichannel integration

A seamless integration allows for a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Increased agility

Integrated platforms can swiftly adjust to customer volumes, providing the necessary scalability to deal with peaks and valleys as they develop.

Comprehensive data management

Aceyus’s ability to normalize and analyze data across a wide range of sources is unmatched.

CCaaS CRM integrations are driving unified customer experiences forward

Integration of CCaaS and CRM is not just a trend, it’s indicative of an all-encompassing development where unified customer experiences are driving CX forward. In this environment, CCaaS configuration management is also extremely important to ensure all integrations made to your cloud contact center operations function seamlessly.

As we move forward, these integrations, and automated CCaaS management by extension, will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of customer service.

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