July 28

Experts share their thoughts on creating a successful CCaaS migration project

Two experts from the Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC) International share their advice as communications consultants on the best way to turn CCaaS migration into a more efficient project and a form of steady ROI. Here’s what they had to say.

Critical factors for successful CCaaS migration

Can the solution integrate different systems? 

While some vendors discuss how it is easy to integrate systems with SDKs and APIs. However, according to experts, these features do not guarantee system integration. For example, APIs are not always written with the depth organizations need, making it impossible to integrate specific systems. Hence, the SCTC experts strongly recommend examining these features in more depth. Once you understand how the vendor integrates different systems, you can decide if the vendor can meet your requirements. 

Does the SLA indicate how reliable the vendor is?

Assessing your SLAs is a strong indicator of how reliable your prospective CCaaS solution can be. Unfortunately, most organizations have difficulties discerning a reliable vendor based on SLAs alone. For example, most agreements have reliability goals, but these goals are not enforceable. Instead, organizations should check if metrics are connected to financial performance. Furthermore, reliable providers would also account for less than ideal situations, such as outages. For example, they will offer credits or “contract outs”.

Can the server meet performance and financial requirements? 

Experts strongly recommend examining which servers CCaaS platforms are working on. Most CCaaS solutions operate from a private or public server infrastructure, which could affect how well an organization can perform in the future. Public servers might seem like a more prudent financial decision, but there are concerns about resource availability, which could hurt operations quality in the future. At the same time, private servers cost more upfront but offer better capacity, improving service quality down the line. Selecting server infrastructure should only be considered after carefully assessing the budget and resources. 

Creating a successful migration project 

With the CX industry evolving, we can expect organizations to be shifting large CX systems to a new CCaaS vendor to take advantage of the technical prowess of these platforms. However, to receive any sufficient ROI from the project, you need to pay attention to critical factors that organizations often miss when searching for the perfect vendor. 
However, paying attention to these critical factors, as per the advice of the SCTC experts, can help you select a more appropriate vendor to make CCaaS adaptation successful.

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