September 2

The latest findings show that evolving CX trends are making the cloud a necessity

While plenty of organizations still use on-premise systems for their CX needs, recent surveys may force organizations to shift to the cloud. Customer preferences, along with a host of external developments, are driving the industry towards cloud-based omnichannel CX solutions. 

Changing customer preferences

Data indicates an increase in traffic in CX service options not involving calls. Organizations have observed an increase in email, chat, and messaging in customer interactions, with 40% of customer interactions taking place through non-voice digital channels. 

However, changing customer preferences is not just restricted to the choice of medium to contact the organization but also CX quality. 

Over 90% of organizations said they spent more time and attention focusing on the agent/employee experience, which indicates that organizations are striving to improve their capacity to handle CX traffic but also improve the quality of interactions between agents and customers.

This is backed up by a survey that revealed that over 53% of agents require emotional intelligence and empathy to address complex customer issues; while another 52% need to provide this service on different channels. 

Advances in CX technology 

Surveys show a growing focus on investment in omnichannel technology, with survey results revealing that 37% of organizations are using a fully integrated channel on a single platform while another 30% have multiple non-integrated channels, suggesting that more organizations are adopting omnichannel solutions. 

The digitization of the end-to-end customer experience, combined with hybrid work, has created an urgent need for digital solutions that can provide quality service. 

Organizations have responded by optimizing their digital infrastructure, where 61% of organizations are consolidating all apps under a unified agent desktop, while 47% are investing in technologies that facilitate agent assistance. 

Where is CX heading in the future?

The survey also highlights the top challenges organizations will be facing. Some of these challenges include decreasing operational costs (38%), implementing automation (44%), reducing agent/employee turnover (50%), and improving customer experience (53%). 

Organizations will need to modernize their CX infrastructure to meet these challenges successfully and accomplish their business objectives. Hence, why the omnichannel CX environment will be critical in the future. 

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