October 28

CX technology plays an increasingly prominent role in European companies

Organizations across the UK and Europe are adopting new CX technology to meet rising demands in customer service. 

Over the past 24 months, we have seen a marked increase in the focus on the customer experience, with CX becoming the central focus for most enterprises. 

This could lead to a significant increase in the number of businesses adopting CCaaS.

What is triggering the need for CX technology?

Experts claim that CX is becoming more demanding at a time when internal resources are significantly strained—consumers expect organizations to be more timely and responsive to their complaints. 

However, this increase in expectations has coincided with talent shortages that are plaguing the industry, with many skilled professionals choosing to leave the CX industry. 

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic and WFH arrangements have disrupted internal operations, forcing many organizations to shift their internal operations within a short time. 

These constraints are forcing organizations throughout Europe to invest in sophisticated cloud-based omnichannel CX platforms, which come with capabilities such as AI and advanced analytics 

AI can enhance customer satisfaction and improve resolution rates with chatbots while reducing operating costs. And analytics platforms can generate valuable insights that provide more context into unique interactions across different channels, which is critical for elevating CX standards to meet customer expectations. 

Furthermore, using these advanced tools allows organizations to shore up the constraints of a smaller workforce while successfully tweaking operations to accommodate WFH. 

What does this mean for CX?  

We are seeing European organizations align their CX standards with that of their North American counterparts. 

It also highlights the importance of efficiency and agility in CX because organizations are looking to eliminate complex workflows from their process and double productivity at a time when the workforce is shrinking. 

This shows how CX has become a critical growth metric, one that many stakeholders and analysts are paying attention to. 

Hence, the pressure to elevate standards and cut costs will increase, meaning that we can expect more aggressive investments in CX technology in the future.

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