Enterprises strive to deliver a world-class CX

As organizations begin to realize the importance of high-quality CX, they are challenged to deliver world-class CX consistently and efficiently. Most organizations are tackling this challenge by investing in advanced CX technology to create a more seamless customer experience. Some of the tech they are investing in consists of cloud-based contact-centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) technologies. 

The shift towards self-service

Organizations are placing greater focus on implementing self-service. Self-service options are becoming a popular tool to improve CX quality because they allow customers to resolve minor issues quickly without waiting in long queues while reducing the workload on CX agents, leading to better FCR rates and CX quality. 

To implement self-service, organizations are turning to transformative technologies. A survey revealed that over 38.3% of organizations invested in CCaaS to implement self-service technology.  Over 27.2% of organizations have either completed CX transformation initiatives or started them while another 16.2% have them planned for 2023 and beyond. 

Greater focus on security 

Organizations are bolstering security to improve data protection and security. Several reasons are motivating these organizations to improve security; one example is working from home. 

With more agents looking to WFH, the organization’s network has expanded, making it harder to secure infrastructure. Expanding security also improves compliance management functions. Bolstering security is also critical for improving CX because consumers are far more likely to trust an organization with their data. 

Integrating disparate systems 

However, CX organizations are doing more than just expanding with new features but also looking to consolidate and streamline. They are looking to integrate their disparate systems into a single location to streamline operations and double productivity. 

Most contact center networks feature several disparate systems, such as CRM, CPaaS, and UCaaS. This is because integrating systems can lead to several benefits such as better customer ratings, higher employee efficiency, and lower operational costs. 

Studies show that enterprises enjoy an 11.6% increase in customer ratings, an 11.9% increase in revenue, and a 13.7% boost in employee efficiency while other companies have seen their numbers double. 

Delivering world-class CX

With organizations striving to improve CX quality, we are seeing more organizations adopting CCaaS. For example, 48.6% of contact centers are purely cloud-based now while the number of on-premise solutions only accounts for 6.2% of companies surveyed. 

This means that CCaaS is growing in prominence and importance in the CX sector as companies strive for improvements. 

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