Prevent unauthorized changes and enforce CX compliance

Monitor your CX environment to detect and prevent unauthorized changes.

Spot CX compliance gaps and security flaws with our CX management platform

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CX environments are subject to strict compliance regulations, making data security paramount.

But when business and IT users have unfettered access to a CX environment, users may make unauthorized changes, creating a security blindspot and violating compliance standards.

Fortunately, you can enforce CX compliance by leveraging the right CX management platform.

Whether you are migrating to a new solution or looking to prevent unauthorized change requests, your team can leverage the CX platform to police them and ensure that no unauthorized changes violate compliance standards. 

Common problems CX centers face

Enforcing compliance measures across a complex CX ecosystem leads to several challenges, such as:

Unapproved change requests disrupting CX performance

Unauthorized changes that could lead to security issues

Pressure on high-value constrained resources compromising efficiency

Why choose our CX management platform?

Our management platform can help you enforce security standards and improve compliance management.

Automated compliance audits

Remove manual work when auditing your CX ecosystem to find gaps in security measures and compliance procedures seamlessly.

Leverage our platform to create an accurate compliance audit that will identify gaps while reducing the strain on your high-value resources. 

Continuous auditing of your platform

Our CX management platform continuously audits your CX ecosystem. That means you will receive notifications of any configuration changes, so you can respond faster and secure your environment.

When migrating to a new CX solution, you can continuously audit your source and destination platform, making the migration process safer and more efficient.

Receive and send real-time reports

Our robust set of change management, compliance, and security tools will send you any real-time alerts for any configuration changes, making it easier to police your entire CX environment.

You can also instantly share data with compliance and regulatory teams, which is critical to meeting compliance demands.

Police change requests

Ensure that no unauthorized changes undermine security and compliance measures by using our platform to set rules to regulate change management to meet compliance standards.

The system notifies you immediately when changes are made, so you know who is making them, what these changes are, and the before/after values.

Undo changes and rollback systems to a prior state

Our platform’s automated rollback feature can help you resolve problems arising from unauthorized changes to help you retain compliance quickly.

If changes are done without authorization, you can undo them by rolling back your CX system to an earlier version, saving time on system repairs.

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Want more information on how our CX management platform can help enforce compliance?
Book a demo with us to see how our platform works and get answers to any questions you might have.

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Do you conduct penetration tests? What is the methodology?

We conduct penetration tests frequently to ensure critical systems remain secure and protect sensitive data. Our penetration test assessments follow methodologies like ISSAF and PTES.

How do you regulate access to data?

We follow the purview of client administrator controls to ensure that access to data is strictly regulated. We also don’t store personal data in our systems.

Do you operate in any country?

Yes, we are not restricted to any country, geography, or data center. We operate based on our client's requirements.

Do you have an internal password policy?

We have a strict internal password policy to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to data while creating as secure an environment as possible.  

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