March 2

Studies reveal that digital transformation yields returns at early stages

Common notions about digital transformation state that organizations generate ROI in the long run after they work around short-term hurdles. However, recent studies could change this perception, as several organizations have experienced short-term gains in digital transformation. 

A new IDG Research Services survey revealed that over 41% of organizations saw substantial returns on investment even though they were in the early stages of their transformation. 

According to respondents, the significant improvements could be seen in business continuity (35%), resource optimization (33%), cost efficiency and savings (34%), and quality of life (44%). 

While finding focuses on industries in general, it has significant implications on the CX industry, particularly at a time when many CX centers are embarking on ambitious transformation projects themselves.  

What could this new study mean for the CX industry?

While certain CX centers have been embracing digital transformation, most have struggled or not undertaken such initiatives due to the cost of migrating from on-premise systems and have been further disincentivised by commonly held notions that returns on transformation would only be experienced in the long run. 

However, the recent findings could encourage firms that do not have vast resources to take the plunge and transition to the cloud. 

In recent years, the industry has been making a steady transition to hybrid or cloud-based CCaaS because CX automation and advanced systems could give them a competitive advantage. In fact, over 87% of CX centers have stated that gaining a competitive advantage was their main goal.

Furthermore, experts believe that IT infrastructure optimization could significantly impact innovation and revenue creation by reducing the cost of operations and discovering new opportunities for revenue growth that is not possible with other solutions. 

What obstacles could CX organizations face in digital transformation?

Despite the apparent benefits of adopting more advanced technologies, there are still obstacles that need to be overcome if the transformation is to be a successful one. 

For 89% of survey respondents, the current nature of IT systems would have discouraged the digital transformation, while another 44% indicated that a lack of infrastructure knowledge would discourage their organizations from making the change. 

If CX organizations are to transition to cloud-based, automation-driven systems, they would have to account for these obstacles to minimize their impact and experience returns on their investment as soon as possible. 

Embrace digital transformation with CX management solutions

CX centers leveraging digital transformation for gains in the short run certainly is a venture that has the potential for rewards, but executing these changes come with their own set of risks and challenges.

Tasks that entail digital transformation for CX organisations, such as migration, present risks of data breach, breakdowns and even cost overruns. 

Leveraging a CX management solution like Blackchair could solve most of your challenges and deliver many benefits, including reduced project risks, boosted ROI, migration assurance, and automatic rollback in case of errors.

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