September 16

Data Security Is Vital For The Future Of CX

Data security will be vital for the future of CX systems

On 31st August 2021, Avaya announced plans to invest in Journey. Ai Inc, the developer behind a digital identity platform that boosts data security and privacy. 

The solution from Journey.Ai Inc will be integrated with Avaya OneCloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). The new technology would provide Avaya users with a secure environment when conducting transactions with their customers. 

The security platform from Journey.AI uses multiple biometric technologies to confirm customer identity with 99.99% accuracy. 

The latest investment by Avaya indicates that data security is going to be critical for continued operations; if contact centers are to meet compliance regulations and remain competitive, they will need to make significant improvements to data security.

Why is data security important?

Data security has always been an integral part of CX operations, but its importance has grown in recent years. 

Customers are calling contact centers to get important work done, prompting them to share sensitive data with CX agents. 

For example, over 72 percent of CX agents collected vital payment data over the phone by asking customers to read aloud. With more customers sharing sensitive data, contact centers need to upgrade data security for safer transactions.

There is also the question of data breaches on CX systems, where CX agents have witnessed several breach attempts from both within and outside the company, yet 42 percent do not report the situation. Unreported breaches indicate that security needs improving to ensure hackers don’t access data. 

Between more customers sharing sensitive data and rising breach attempts, investing in more robust security systems is crucial.

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