August 18

CX Study Places Greater Emphasis on Agent and Employee Experience

A leading CX provider conducted a survey on the latest developments that are driving the industry forward. The results of the recently published 2022 International Customer Service Index (CSI) Business Decision Makers Survey revealed the trends that are driving customer engagement and contact center workplace trends. 

What are the results of the survey?

The results of the survey were revealed between 9-11th August. The findings revealed significant changes in the role of CX representatives, with 86% of respondents reporting a massive increase in call volume, 43% of agent calls are becoming longer and more complex, and 53% flag the need for empathy and emotional intelligence during customer interactions. 

Given these developments, 90% of business decision-makers are choosing to focus on the contact center agent and employee experience. 

How will this affect the industry’s development?

Businesses are investing in CX technology to empower agents with the information they need to provide better quality CX. These strategic investments not only improve CX quality, which benefits customers but also benefits employees because they can better handle their workload with better technology.

Furthermore, these investments allow the organization to expand their digital channel because employees have reported an increase in the number of non-voice channel interactions. 91% of respondents have reported an increase in the number of email, chat and messaging interactions. 

However, over two-thirds of respondents expect non-voice channel interactions to exceed over 40% by 2024, while the number of self-service interactions will increase by over 40% by 2024. 

This means that businesses have been investing in technology that would help them manage the volume coming through digital channels. 

What does this mean in the industry?

The major takeaway from the research report is that the volume of non-call interactions is starting to increase. Research shows that non-voice channel interactions will increase by 70% by 2024. This means organizations will have to invest in technology that would support non-voice interactions in the future both to be in line to provide better quality CX and provide better support to employees.

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